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Secret Subscriber Box

To buy this, please DM me on Discord! You can find me as "Stormbril". While my other add-ons can be simply purchased on Itch, this box is sold as a commission and I'd love to chat about your ideas before diving in.

Stats at a glance

BS5 Support
BS5 and BS3 compatible!

Browser Support
Safari incompatible
BBCode wordcount
Roughly 250 words, can be made less though

CSS line count
Roughly ~500+ lines
$100-450+ USD, Depending on complexity and artwork requested

Do you have a patreon, ko-fi, or some other membership program that allows you to have paying subscribers? One benefit that you can offer them is providing secret subscriber-only information to them, and one really fun/eye-catching method of doing so is by using my subscriber info boxes.   These are containers that you can use to "wrap" quotes, alouds, or other containers -- it will place a button on the bottom left (or other locations if you so choose) that will prompt readers to click or tap it! If a subscriber clicks on it, they're greeted with some lovely bonus information in a fancy animation. If a non-subscriber clicks it, they're informed that they are missing out on information, and prompted to subscribe.   Please see below for examples of these information boxes, as well as the various levels I am offering as commissions!

The containers make use of subscriber groups and subscriber containers, as well as cleverly overlapping buttons, to make it so that you are able to display information based on whether or not someone is a subscriber in your world.   As with most advanced and complex CSS add-ons like this, it absolutely requires the Visibility Toggle to be disabled on your world in order for this to work.   These containers are made to be readable on both mobile and PC screens to ensure your subscribers will never miss out on the bonus information you are treating them to! The containers can be made to expand for more content (default PC behaviour with them), or scroll when more content is added (default Mobile behaviour with them).  

  The sky is truly the limit with regards to ideas for these containers! While they were initially developed with characters in mind as the information expositors, they can be adapted to a variety of different objects or things.   Some non-character ideas might include (to spark your imagination): reality warping objects that whisper dark secrets to the reader, 4th wall breaking mechanical devices that share dev-logs and author thoughts, a fountain that spews information out, etc etc.

Pricing structure

All options come with support and instructions on how to set up and best utilize the subscriber infoboxes!

Full Custom

Price: $450 USDTime: 2-4 weeks • Complexity: Highly custom/complex
(css + custom mechanics + container(s) to match your world + full art)
  The highest tier of subscriber infobox commissions I offer, where I'll work with you to make it as custom and uniquely fitting to your world as possible. The price is set assuming there'll be roughly 12-16 hours of working on artwork, which can be dedicated to 1 or more pieces depending on what vision we have for the custom box. CSS factors into the price at somewhere around 10-12 hours.   Note: Art comes with commercial license (able to be used in your own commercial products) by default.
  • example: A custom space-train that rolls in from behind the screen, rotating into view with settling dust as it comes to a stop. Flames grow from rockets at the back of the train as it leaves the screen when closed. Separate animation for subscribers VS non-subscribers.
  •   As seen in Luridity!  
    here to try the example!
      This is the "information" that a non-subscriber would see when clicking the button. If you want to see what a subscriber would see instead, join the "Test Subscribers" by clicking here.    

    Character Based

    Price: $250 USD + $50Time: 1-3 weeks • Complexity: Moderate
    (css mechanics + container to match your world + character art)
      The standard package, most similar to what I use on my own world, but with a bit of wiggle room for more customization or the addition of multiple characters/art pieces. Price set based on roughly 4-6 hours of art, and 4-6 hours of CSS. Additional characters/portraits can be added at additional cost (can be used to match mood of secrets given).   Note: Character art comes with commercial license (able to be used in your own commercial products) by default.
  • example: An all-knowing, or highly knowledgeable "storyteller" character slides in from off-screen with a custom container that matches their aesthetic or the world's style, expositing information. Non subscribers get a separate box that informs them of subscription possibilities. Multiple poses can be used to fit different moods of information.
  •   As seen here, in Cathedris!  
    here to try the example!
      This is the "information" that a non-subscriber would see when clicking the button. If you want to see what a subscriber would see instead, join the "Test Subscribers" by clicking here.    


    Price: $100 USD • Time: 1-2 weeks • Complexity: Basic
    (css mechanics + container to match your world)
      Using the CSS mechanics I've already developed, art (character portrait or object or otherwise) that you provide to me, I'll create a fitting subscriber infobox container that matches the world or art aesthetics. Price set based on 4-6 hours spent developing and fitting the CSS to your world.
  • example: Your existing faction emblem art is placed within a sort of "hologram" tech-based container. The container fades in when clicked on, and the faction emblem flickers to life along with some text noting the faction name, and that there's an incoming transmission. The subscriber information is presented as this incoming transmition of secret information.
  •   As seen in Vazdimet!  
    here for bonus info
      This is the "information" that a non-subscriber would see when clicking the button. If you want to see what a subscriber would see instead, join the "Test Subscribers" by clicking here.  

    Important Information

    Just going to reiterate some important information to keep in mind with these!  
  • You MUST disable the Visibility Toggle on your world in order for these to work.
  • Currently, these do not work on the Safari browser. tells me that all the CSS I've written works on Safari, so this is a mysterious problem. I am working on it, as well as enlisting the help of some friends with Apple devices, so I hope to have good news in the future here for how they now work on Safari!
  • Must be Grandmaster at least for these to work -- however these are intended for Sages, as they've got a higher cap on the amount of subscribers one can have.
  • For either Full Custom or Character Based commissions, I prefer a payment structure of half first then remainder on completion.
  • Any art I create for you, I will also send to you as the raw PNG so that you may use it in your work and world as well!
  • After finishing your commission, I would love to feature it here if you're okay with that!
  • Attribution/a link back to this page is not required, but it is appreciated!


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    Aug 23, 2023 08:17

    Train going ZOOOOOM... me like. That could be a thing for Koria or Space Orcs. Saved for later use. :)

    You wanna see what we did for the last events? Go, click here: Eddies Major Events
    Aug 23, 2023 16:56 by Stormbril

    I was SO HAPPY to develop that for Dani's world Luridity, I think it turned out really great. If you take the subscriber role, you'll be able to see the unique animation where the train swoops in and stops, giving you info :D I'm really excited for future commissions, to be able to see and make other ideas they have.   Glad you like it though! Thank you <3

    Aug 29, 2023 14:29 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

    SO FANCY. Apparently I liked this and didn't comment.

    Aug 31, 2023 23:39 by Stormbril

    THANK YOU :D   I feel like these are the coolest CSS things I've made, and I'm so happy to have made a few of them :D

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