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Psychic Magic

Psychic Magic encompasses all the magics of the mind, particularly centered around emotions, memories, and communication. It has been split into two subcategories: Telepathy, which includes all spells related to thoughts, and Psychometry, the magic of reading and changing emotions. Both classifications also allow for the reading and sharing of memories.   As a branch of Endoarcana, Psychic Magic is centered on the self rather than the caster's environment or the expanse of the universe. This allows practicioners to cast their spells regardless of their present surroundings with little concern for their present location, only their presemt mental state and Imperium levels.


Psychic Magic is divided into two subclasses, with an assortment of abilities belonging to each. While it is possible for a mage to learn both, most choose to focus on mastering only one.  


The magic of Empaths, Psychometry allows for the reading of others' emotions and strongly-associated memories. Because this also works on objects or locations, most archeology expeditions include at least one Empath. This class of magic also permits a caster to sense the intentions of another.  
Advanced Psychometry also includes Psychomorphation, which allows for the alteration of an individual's emotions, intentions, and memories. While Psychomorphation has proven particularly effective in the field of mental health, it is also considered the most dangerous branch of Magic, due to its potential to alter an individual's entire sense of self.   Fortunately, changes of that nature would require a great deal of patience, persistence, and skill from the psychomorphic mage responsible.  


Telepathy centers on the use of mental links for communication, as well as sharing memories and experiences. Telepathy also allows for communication across language barriers, including with animals, although outside of the Language Dictionary spell these effects only last the duration of the link.
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