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  Vazdimet is still a baby in terms of content. I have a lot of plans, and a lot of private stubs, but most are not yet ready for the public. Click the Follow button below to be notified of new articles as they are released:     For a more complete world, feel free to visit Fillimet, Vazdimet's ancient past (and my current main project):  

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Paid Subscriptions and Benefits

$5 Beta Reader

    For those seeking to help fund the development of Vazdimet and Fillimet, your monetary support allows me to in turn support other creators through the procurement of art, music, and other assistance.   This year I intend to begin writing more stand alone stories and eventually novels. This tier will provide early (and often exclusive) access.  

$10 Seeker

    A Seeker of the Hidden Flame is on a journey of discovery throughout Vazdimet and Fillimet, with the goal of locating those with special talents in need of assistance to reach their full potential. Highly respected individuals, they have a tendency to learn a great many secrets due to the trust placed in them by others.  

$25 Master Librarian

    The Librarians, highly skilled warriors known for their expertise in martial arts and negotiation, are tasked with defending the full magical knowledge of Arcana from all unauthorized access. This includes the notes and findings of many projects involving dangerous discoveries best left alone. Only the Master Librarians are granted full unrestricted access to the entirety of known knowledge of the world.  

My Beloved Patrons

Many thanks to my Subscribers

Many thanks to all my Patreon patrons for your monetary support towards my work! You mean more to me than words can ever express. If you would like to join these wonderful people in supporting my work please visit my Patreon page.

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