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When I originally began writing the worlds of Vazdimet and Fillimet, my main goal was to use these setting as a location for an assortment of short science fantasy stories. That goal has since expanded into a multitude of larger projects, including several series and joint projects with my coauthor E V Turnbull. This page will serve as a collection of our works. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I've enjoyed writing them!

Mordena Dawn

The MORDENA DAWN space fantasy series details the rise of Mordena Founder Shane Lawrence and his allies, from their humble beginnings to their roles within the fearsome mercenary organization.

Mordena Dawn, Book 1: In Spite of the Inevitable

The past isn't the only thing that won't stay dead.
  Hiding from his violent history as a revered Void necromancer within the Sparnell Confederation, single father Shane Lawrence has finally built a quiet life. On the freehold planet of Baden he can pour his energy into the only thing that now matters: the safety and upbringing of his precocious son, Jake.
  All too soon, the Confederation targets Baden for annexation, confronting Shane once more with his treasonous past. Worse, the invading force is led by none other than Shane's manipulative former mentor, Admiral Kydell.
  Shane's every instinct screams to run, to hide Jake even further from Sparnell – but Baden is home. This time he could choose to make a stand and defend the entire planet, not just his son. But that means turning to the very skills he swore he'd leave behind…

Mordena Dawn, Book 2: Spirits of the Relentless

To lead others, he must first embrace who he was – and what he must become.
  After the Turncoat Armada’s surrender, Void necromancer Shane Lawrence is left with a command he never sought and a fleet without a sanctuary. At risk of retribution from both the planet they tried to conquer and their vengeful former allies, the fleet’s only hope lies with Shane’s ability to find them a new home.
  He sets his sights on the uninhabited planet TR-75, but there's a catch: Planet TR-75 is claimed by the planet herself. ‘Janikk,’ the lone surviving soul of an ancient civilization, whispers her name on the winds and commands the wildlife to repel intruders. To secure a future for his fleet, Shane must do more than communicate with the long-dead; he must win the favor of Janikk’s guardian, face the ghosts of his past, and earn the approval of a planet that is anything but empty.
Ambitions of Atonement Bookcover
Sometimes the biggest threats are from the closest allies.
  Void necromancer Shane Lawrence needs resources for his new fleet to help his people secure the futures once stolen from them. The resurrection network formerly led by his deceased partner, Feels, could provide that aid. But in the fae’s absence, the Phoenix Assembly is under new, enigmatic management, and the organization has morphed into an ominous force that casts shadows over every illicit corner of Baden.
  But while Shane tries to build a new future by atoning for his past, Feels is restless and longs for parts of that past. When a chance discovery threatens the very foundation of everything they’ve built together, Shane and his allies are left once more grappling with the aftermath of betrayal. Can Shane rebuild what was lost, or will his efforts for atonement lead only to deeper despair?
Official Blurb Pending
  When the hidden former-Sparnelli still loyal to Kydell finally reveal themselves and their intentions, Shane Lawrence is faced with his most critical mission yet.
Coming 2026
  The untold story of the founders of the Mordena, their military careers, and their efforts to survive - or escape - Admiral Kydell and the Sparnell Armed Forces.

Faith and Loyalty

Captured by the very Mordena he'd been tasked to destroy, Officer of the Hydell Order Max Coilin finds himself facing none other than their blasphemous leader, Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence himself. Max finds comfort in the friendly evening conversations with his deceased warden, Chief Cal Barthik, one of the Mordena pilots recently killed by Max's squadron.   But the Faith demands only those Ordained by the Ascended Conclave are worthy of Resurrection, and even more than Cal's existence, the Mordena themselves are nothing like he's been taught. As his foundations are shaken, will Max be able to navigate his own budding friendship with a Resurrected while negotiating the safety of the tattered remains of his squadron?

Coming Home

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Coming Home (Auren Reed)

Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence motioned to the pair of chairs in the otherwise sparse conference room.   "Have a seat, Munokkael. Make yourself comfortable. You're going be here for a while."

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One of the many orphans of Vemia seeking a better future, Auren Reed travels to Baden to seek a home with the Mordena mercenaries. What he didn't count on, however, was a personal interview with none other than their feared leader, the Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence.   Read More: Coming Home

The Hands of Destinee

An exploration of live fiction written between (author page) and Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull (authorpage), The Hands of Destinee occurs approximately 20 years after the events in Mordena Dawn Series. This trilogy is available to Subscribers only.
Hands of Destinee, Book 1: A Date with Destinee:
A Date with Destinee Bookcover
Desperate to be seen as more than just a trashy gossip columnist, reporter Lira Noakes is on the verge of giving up everything. Then her boss offers her a lifeline - and an ultimatum: obtain a newsworthy exclusive from the reporter-shy Mordena mercenaries or remain a gossip columnist forever. But when her interview is interrupted by an assassination attempt, Lira soon realizes she needs more than a story from the playboy politician who's now decreed himself responsible for ensuring her safety.   All Navarch Jake Lawrence wanted was a quiet romantic evening with renowned gossip journalist Lira Noakes and a published cover story for the active love life hiding his covert activities for Mordena Public Relations. The universe had other plans. When his date-turned-interrogator is injured during a clumsy assassination attempt meant for him, Jake finds himself desperate to win the trust and affection of the determined but wary woman who just saved his life.   Faced with escalating efforts to end Jake's life and offers of assistance from a questionable ally, can the unlikely pair navigate the conflicting information and defeat the ghosts of their own pasts?
Hands of Destinee, Book 2: Destinee's Call:
Official Blurb Pending   When a routine job assignment takes a turn for the worse, Lira must consider the repercussions of her newfound relationship with the Mordena.
Hands of Destinee, Book 3: The Path of Destinee:
Coming Soon: 2023   Confronted with the Hydell Order's fury at the loss at Vemia, Jake and Lira face difficult decisions in an effort to protect those they love.

Blood and Water

This story is Subscriber only.
Chief Engineer Daoff Asul believed that thanks to a sudden fall from grace and exile from the Space Defense Legion he could finally live the simple domestic life he'd always wanted, if only his politically ambitious wife would agree. But his misfortune has only begun: she and their five children are kidnapped, and he won't get them back unless he submits to the Sparnell Confederation.
  Desperate for help and rejected at every turn, Daoff approaches the feared Mordena mercenaries, willing to give anything–everything–if they'll ensure his family's safe return. It's as easy as he expected, as he soon finds himself their captive and facing the full attention of the Mordena's recently deceased founder, the imposing Void Necromancer Shane Lawrence himself.
  Will Daoff be able to navigate his interrogation long enough to win not only his freedom, but that of his family?

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Facets of Fillimet

Facets of Fillimet is an ongoing project containing all the miniature stories included within articles spread across Fillimet and Vazdimet. Stories originally intended for inclusion on an article page, but later removed due to length or other factors, will also be included as patron-only. These are intended for clarity outside of narratives and may be read in any order.

Facets of Fillimet, Vol 1

A collection of slices of life from the ancient era of Fillimet, Volume 1 dives into the everyday of the distant past.

Facets of Fillimet, Vol 2: Vazdimet

Set in the spacefaring age of Fillimet, the short tales of Volume 2 reveal the thoughts and technologies of the present era.

Subscriber Only Stories

What Goes Around

These are available to Subscribers only. They are intended for clarity outside of narratives and may be read in any order.

What Goes Around

An exploration of dysfunctional families in a magical society.

Angela's Partial WIPs

As an added perk, Subscribers also have access to partial Works in Progress which have taken the back burner. While I do hope to return to each of these eventually, they are currently not my main priority.
  View My Full WIP List
  • Clones and Credits - The story of SIO Zaphne Davis's initial interactions with the Mordena, this piece of prose is on hold as I decide whether to keep this a novelette or include it in the series after Mordena Dawn Series. I'm definitely finishing it.
  • Starlight and Shadows - While important to the development of Vazdimet as my first time writing from Shane's point of view, this story no longer fits my vision for the Mordena's storyline. It will be deleted once I've salvaged the few elements I intend to keep, most notably the library scene.
  • Lyrianne of the Song - A smaller scale, more personal narrative set in Fillimet, Lyrianne follows the story of a young woman of the same name embarking on an adventure in the hopes of saving her mother. I need to rework the existing chapters to fix discrepancies in the culture of my protagonist. And of course finish writing the story. This is my oldest WIP.
  • Under Fire - The beginnings of a BDSM romance novel, set in the Sparnell Confederation. Needs some tweaks, as the faction lore was not finalized when it was written.

Vazdimet Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards

The Vazdimet Discussion Boards allow readers to interact with the characters of Vazdimet, including periodic special events such as AMAs, personal interviews, and even live fiction. Posts and choices made may also result in unlocking additional sections of the forum with more hidden content.

Live and Interactive Fiction

Notable past examples:
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Ask the Founder - Concluded

After much pursuasion, Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence himself has graciously agreed to monitor the Embassy communications. This is likely a limited time offer, so if you have any burning questions for him, best to ask now.

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Rock Danger - Ask Me Anything

Interplanetary superstar Rock Danger here. I'm ready to answer any questions you want to throw at me.   No spoilers for movies. Let's keep this friendly. ;)

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