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    Razick Kane

    Razick emerged from her office, the lab tech's side bound ponytail of unruly red hair a stark contrast to her otherwise impeccable appearance. She moved with an overwhelming aura of confidence despite her shorter stature. When she turned her attention to Shane he felt her melancholic green eyes sizing him up, her fair freckled face a mask he suspected could easily hide a sorrow as deep as his own.

    Razick Kane (a.k.a. Raz) (she/her)

    One of the founding members of the Mordena, Razick Kane is a highly trained Battle Mage with a troubled past. Her personal experiences serving as a member of the Sparnell Armed Forces prior to her defection has led to an aversion to active service in the field unless personally escorting Shane Lawrence. Currently Razick serves as an instructor for the Mordena's Battle Mage hopefuls.

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    Shane turned to his companion. "She doesn't talk much, does she?"   Jeb looked away. "She's seen things nobody should ever have to see."
      Conscripted into the Sparnell Armed Forces at the standard age of sixteen, Razick's impeccable control over her magic made her an ideal choice for training as a Battle Mage, rising eventually to the rank of Sub-Officer under Admiral Kydell. Valuing her talent and uncaring about her personal preferences in the matter, Kydell ensured she had no choice but to re-enlist once she completed her required ten years of service.   She does not speak of her actions after her re-enlistment, but she wears the heavy weight of those years on her shoulders and her soul. It took a meeting with Kydell's TAG, an unfeeling necromancer controlling and binding the souls of many deceased battle mages, to begin breaking the hold of Kydell's Psychomorphic conditioning. As soon as she was able she deserted, finding refuge with her brother Jeb Kane on Baden, a Freehold planet outside of Confederation control.   This is where she met Jake Cartwright Lawrence, and eventually his father Shane Lawrence, launching her down the path that named her one of the founding members of the Mordena.

    Mental Trauma

    It all made sense now, the regular nightmares, the constant furtive glances at strangers, the casual scanning of their surroundings no matter where they went, and her insistence on mastering Antimagic. Raz's protectiveness hadn't disappeared, but the threats she watched for had grown bigger. She wasn't worried about an unkind word from a friend or a missed promotion at work, she was too busy counting shadows and mapping escape plans to guarantee some evil force wasn't going to steal away any more of the people she loved.
      Discovered as a particularly powerful mage during basic training, with expert control of her capabilities but not her attitude, Razick was assigned to the remedial attentions of the Psychomorphic mage Admiral Kydell. While highly effective for the Sparnell Confederation's purposes, the Admiral's mind-altering adjustments always took their toll on his subjects, and Razick's strong independent streak meant she faced a particularly intense regiment.   As a result the once mouthy Razick has learned to withhold her words, as Kydell had a way of constantly using the information she revealed to find new ways to hurt her and keep her in line. Originally limiting most of her verbal communications to a telepathic link with her brother Jeb, Razick has since been learning to slowly open up to others who have earned her trust. Traces of her former self can also be seen when she partners on missions with Shane Lawrence, the imposing necromancer providing her with his own semblance of a safe space.


    Contacts & Relations

    The silence stretched onward, familiar and comforting with its lack of expectations or demands. After her time in the SAF, and Admiral Kydell's knack of using her own words to find ways to hurt her and isolate her from those she loved, silence had become a welcome friend. She'd always appreciated Jake's acceptance of that silence, of her silence, without any demands to fill the void.
      Largely keeping to herself in civilian life after her desertion from the SAF, Razick did befriend Jake Cartwright Lawrence when he was merely a gifted preteen at the school where she worked. This friendship eventually led her to a new purpose in life with Shane Lawrence and The Inner Bastion of the Mordena, first in their stand against the Confederation and later in their broader universal efforts.

    Family Ties

    Razick is particularly close to her brother Jeb. Upon her desertion he became her rock and safe space, taking over the role she had carried for him their whole childhood until her conscription and subsequent assignment to Admiral Kydell. Now that she is more herself she has begun to step into her usual role as the protector, but she remains more subdued than before.


    Razick is a force unto herself, and she knows it. Despite her constant conflict with her own past her deadly capabilities also lend her a level of confidence in facing the everyday. Silent and sullen around strangers, fun and playful when comfortable, a deep sorrow and fierce protectiveness lies beneath her every movement and decision.
    Jeb was in over his head and he knew it.   Raz had always been independent and outspoken growing up, and even on her sixteenth birthday when her ten year conscription came due she had regaled him with an assortment of her opinions on the matter. He barely recognized the silent and sullen Raz who had returned to him afterwards.   He watched her now, deftly converting the fixtures of the room into an effective protective barrier, and wondered at just how much she had left unsaid. She wasn't weak, never had been, and he ground his teeth at the realization he'd been underestimating the very things that had changed her to the distrustful woman she was today. When she found him after her escape from Kydell she'd been jumpy and anxious, a far cry from the clear headed protector she'd always been. He'd done his best to step into the role and do for her all the things she used to do for him, but the truth was he missed who she used to be, his confident older sister, his shelter from the storms of life.   Today he was finally seeing a glimpse of the things she wouldn't talk about. Today he was learning she was still the same competent and protective older sister she had always been, not the broken fragile child he'd imagined when she'd appeared on his doorstep. And the truth was, as much as he had promised he would protect her, today he realized just how empty a promise that had been.
    Known Magic
    Shielding Magic
    Other Ethnicities/Cultures
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Sub-Officer, Bastion
    Presented Sex
    long, unruly red curls
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    pale, with many freckles
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    You want to know what I did before the Mordena?   No. You really don't.
    — Razick
    Aligned Organization

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