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Anemancy allows for the control of air and all its capabilities. A fully skilled anemancer is able to amplify or mute sounds, control the flow of air around themselves, selectively enhance sounds for their own listening benefit, and even maintain an air pressure variance in an open environment.   Anemancers cannot create air, only manipulate the air already within their vicinity, firmly defining Amemancy as a classification of Exoarcana. While Anemancy has proven useful for deception, and also used often alongside Illusion Magic, Anemancy is still considered an Elemental Magic.


Anemancy allows the manipulation of air, most often in the form of wind or sound waves. These abilities benefit from finesse, allowing those skilled in this school of magic to cause a delicate breeze or a raging tornado. Sounds can be manipulated from a quiet whisper to a thunderous roar.  

Wind Control

The basic manipulations of air and wind involve merely magnifying current effects of the wind, or even redirecting them. As a practitioner gains understanding of the wind and air they are also able to increase that influence.   An expert can calm dangerous winds to a whisper or excite still weather into a raging gale, provided they have the strength and Imperium to sustain the changes.   These skills are particularly useful in spacecraft to maintain airflow and ventilation. They can also be used to manipulate gaseous substances including aerial poisons.  


Anemantic levitation is actually no more than a specific use case of wind manipulation, but many classify it as its own skill due to the difference in usage case. With this form of levitation, air can be used to push upwards against an object or creature, lifting the target into the air.   Thid is not to be confused with telekinetic levitation, such as that used by the Mordena's famed telekinetic boots, which actually relies upon manipulating the standard pulls of gravity.  

Sound Manipulation

The manipulation of sound involves the ability to amplify, reduce, and with enough study and practice eventually create sounds. These effects could be targeted at an individual or group of individuals, or at the sound itself so it applies to all individuals within earshot. Anemancers have also been known to alter where a sound seems to originate, changing the location of the sound rather than the sound itself, lending more credence to the dual classification as illusion and elemental magic. Dracolings as a species have an innate understanding of the basic manipulations of sound using Anemancy due to their reliance on magical sound enhancements to hear effectively. As a result those who regularly come in contact with non-dracolings have become particularly adept at sifting through noises, enhancing the ones they wish to hear and suppressing those they wish to ignore.
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Casting Anemancy

Knowledge of Anemancy is particularly common among dracoling, due to their reliance on the skills for hearing and subsequent natural proficiency at related Anemancy skills. It has also proven invaluable among spacecraft, for use in ventilation, and in conjunction with Shielding mages in case of a hull breach.   Anemancy involves breath control as part of its casting rituals. The steps themselves are not particularly complicated, but due to the required breathing rhythms, during certain parts of the spells they may prove difficult to some. This is also why young dracoling often carry earplugs, as backup in case of losing control of their Anemancy during periods of high stress.  

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