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Exoarcana encompasses all magic relying upon the external environment to grant shape and purpose to its spells. Casting this magic requires proximity to a magic field of the same classification.   Much like Asterarcana, all spells classified as Exoarcana are cast through manipulation of the applicable magic fields for their branch of magic. In the case of Exoarcana, however, these fields are not present throughout all corners of the universe, but instead localized to high concentrations of their type.   The strength of these fields directly impacts the power of the spells themselves. The presence of air aboard a spacecraft guarantees Elemental Magic remains fairly simple to cast in The Void provided the casting mage is not free-floating within the vacuum. Efficient casting of Nature Magic, on the other hand, requires traveling with additional living biomass.


Exoarcana currently contains two branches of Magic: Elemental Magic, allowing for manipulation of the elements, and Nature Magic, encompassing all life-based magic.  

Elemental Magic

Elemental Magic by Timepool
Elemental Magic includes control over air, water, and fire. Much debate centers around the existence of a potential fourth, permitting manipulation of the dirt and metals composing planets themselves.

Nature Magic

Nature Magic by Timepool
Nature Magic allows for the nurturing, healing, and even changing of all living things, from animals to plants to microscopic organisms. This class also encompasses all branches of Curative Magic.
  Casting Exoarcana spells requires the manipulation of something already present. Even Pyromancy, which allows for the spontaneous generation of fire, requires the presence of oxygen to feed the resultant flames.   The strength of each spell is directly influenced by the localized power of the required magic field, which is directly linked to the scale of the required materials' presence. The Mordena mercenaries have developed ways to increase the power of their Nature Magic fields within a single capital ship with only minor space concessions when increasing the scale of their hydroponics. Other organizations have learned to position their spacecraft in special field-enhancing formations, combining strengths across their fleet.  
Everyone says the Space Defense Legion doesn't understand the true powers of Magic, but then explain to me why their Nature Magic fields are some of the strongest I've ever seen? Against the advice of my Family, I've staked my reputation on learning their secrets.   My career's suffered for it, but I stand by my hypothesis. They know more than we're willing to admit, and someday? Fleet Command'll have a lot of glory and apologies for me for figuring it out.
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Exoarcana by Timepool
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