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Nature Magic

Nature Magic encompasses all magic allowing the manipulation of biological systems within living creatures. Spells harness the body's own systems, either accelerating or decelerating their effects, or slowly altering their genetics and allowing the cells' natural replication efforts to propagate changes.   This is considered a highly complex magic due to its power over the delicate internal balances within all living creatures, not to mention the potentially catastrophic effects if these systems are altered beyond the body's abilities to compensate. Practitioners of Nature Magic must therefore understand the biology of the creatures they wish to influence. The larger the intended change, the more knowledge is required.   Genetic alterations in particular requires an intimate knowledge of the creature to be altered, and must be made slowly with this balance in mind. Unsuccessful attempts result in cascading failure due to internal imbalances as the subject's systems fail to synergize appropriately, often leading to agonizing deaths. Students learning Gene Therapy are therefore taught Biomicrokinesis first as they learn their techniques, before eventually branching into their intended specialization.   The strength and capabilities of Nature Magic spells rely not only on the capabilities of the caster but also the localized strength of the Nature Magic fields, classifying it as a branch of Exoarcana.


Nature Magic is typically broken up into three distinct classifications: Agrokinesis (plants and large fungal systems), Zokinesis (animals, including Sophont Species), and Biomicrokinesis (microscopic creatures). Nature Magic can be used to promote healing, diagnose injuries, alter genetics, adjust the effects of biologically produced reagents and poisons, or even cause harm to the subject.
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Access & Availability
Zokinesis requires proximity to magical fields of Nature Magic, limiting its use to locations with sufficient life to generate a field. Casting within The Void therefore requires measures such as a hydroponics bay, or a very large crew.

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