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Zokinesis is the Nature Magic classification of animal magic, including Curative Magic and Gene Therapies, as well as more specialized magic such as Dermamancy and Neuromancy.   As with all Nature Magic, Zokinesis is classified as Exoarcana, relying on the localized magical fields to power its spells, in addition to the caster's own Imperium.


Zokinesis includes spells for all varieties of animals, including Sophont Species. The spells are usually split into several different categories:  


While Curative Magic is the best known application of Healing Zokinesis, this branch also includes healing spells for non-Sophont species. As with all zokinetic spells, the more knowledge the caster holds of their intended subject, the more potent and useful the spells.  

Growth Enhancement

Encompassing more advanced spells than healing, this branch of Zokinesis controls the growth rate, strength, and in some cases even the shape of the targeted creature. Successful casters must understand the biology of their subject, particularly the synergies and balance kept by a creature's current organs and other processes of life, prior to making any alterations. Small changes at spaced intervals are recommended, rather than large changes all at once, to prevent undue distress and harm. If possible, temporary alterations are recommended as a testing ground before any permanent spells are cast.   Subjects of Zokinesis spells must also be provided with the nutritional needs of their altered state, including those consumed during the alternation itself. Additionally, casters must account for any other requirements of the creature due to its altered state, to maintain the careful balance of its biology. For example, a creature stimulated to grow significantly larger than its usual size will likely require a reinforced skeletal structure, as well as digestive enhancements to allow for the consumption and processing of enough food to handle its higher caloric requirements.


Advanced Zokinetics allows for alternations to a creature's genetic code. Simpler uses of these spells allow for slight adjustments to traits already possessed by the individual creature, such as adjustments to the nutrient composition of produced milk, or higher wool production. Recently, a team of Legion scientists were able to stimulate a handful of poisonous species to instead inject their own anti-venom when biting a victim. The Freehold planet of Caralis maintains a booming business of growing replacement organs and limbs from a patients' own genetic code.   This family of spells also includes Gene Therapy, allowing for advanced treatments of genetic diseases, radiation damage, a small handful of autoimmune diseases, unattunement, infertility and genetic incompatibility, an assortment of cancers, and even death.
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Access & Availability
Zokinesis requires proximity to magical fields of Nature Magic, limiting its use to locations with sufficient life to generate a field. Casting within The Void therefore requires measures such as a hydroponics bay, or a very large crew.
The more familiar a caster becomes with a particular animal, the more effective their spells will become when cast on that animal. Practitioners require a deep understanding of an animal and its internal functions if casting the highest levels of Zokinesis, particularly if they wish to avoid harming their subject.
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