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Arbormancy is the subset of Agrokinesis focused on woodcraft and other projects involving plants. While typically used on lumber and other dead woods, the magic is also effective on living plants, provided care is taken not to overstress them.


Arbormancy allows for the manipulation of material properties of plants and plant-derived products to allow for easier shaping and superior strength. The powers of Arbormancy can be split into three basic subcategories.  


Woodbending allows mages to change the properties of the target. Although most traditionally applied to lumber, this could involve any other plant material, growing or cut. As a result, woodbending can also be used on live plants, training them to form specific shapes and even structures, such as those grown by the Jorrael and Vemajorrael of Janikk.   Typically, wood is considered a brittle material due to its tendency to shatter and splinter, but woodbending enables casters to add flexibility, allowing the material to bend without a loss of its original strength. This skill also allows for structurally bending wood into shapes such as rocking chairs or boat hulls without the use of a steam box, or in conjunction with the box for a much faster process.   More malleable materials such as vines can also be made stronger and more durable without losing their flexibility. Targets of woodbending may also be changed to allow for greater strength against forces applied in directions other than the much stronger grain directions of the wood.  

Planer Manipulation

Planer manipulation allows casters to achieve a smooth surface finish, or more precise carving contour. This class of Arbormancy eliminates the risk of carving out a greater area than intended and reduces time required to smooth a surface when sanding using traditional methods. Careful application can also apply the intended surface finish to still-growing plants.   Due to its usefulness, most Arbormancy students learn the basics of planer manipulation before learning any other Arbormancy spells. This class may also be used to enchant woodworking tools using Runework to aid craftsmen not skilled in Arbormancy.  

Chromatic Arbormancy

Chromatic Arbormancy allows alteration of colors without changing strengths and other properties, mixing Chromamancy with Arbormancy when casting. The same methods can be used without Chromamancy if an appropriate stain is used. Basic Chromamancy knowledge is still recommended, as it can not only speed up the process but also allows for a more effective stain with precise coloration and material protection.

Mastering Arbormancy

While mastery of the more difficult Arbormancy abilities typically requires years of training and practice, the simplest of abilities are frequently intuitive to those gifted with a natural understanding of this class of magic. These individuals will show an intuitive feeling for the qualities and uses of different wood types, or possess an innate understanding of the load distribution within living structures, or pick up any woodcarving-related skills quickly after exposure to the skill. These signs frequently manifests at a rather young age.   Those without a natural talent can still be trained quite effectively, and may even achieve the highest levels of skill in Arbormancy. They will simply require more training to learn each skill, plus a greater concentration and more Imperium to cast them.
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Absolutely.   Perhaps one of the reasons I love writing the Mordena so much. They lean on this magic more than most.

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