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The City Growers of Janikk

Trained the ancient arts of city growing, Jorrael dedicate themselves to the design, growth, and maintenance of the many Jannadael cities across Janikk. These talented and patient mages are vital to the entirety of Mordena architecture and infrastructure.



Jorrael are highly skilled in Agrokinesis, particularly when it comes to controlling the growth of plants. They must also possess a great amount of patience, as forcing trees and other plants to grow too quickly will result in weaknesses within the plants, and therefore the city.   The most talented of Jorrael must also possess advanced skills in architecture and building design, allowing them to determine the locations of pipes, plumbing, ductwork, Electromancy lines, environmental controls, and airflow within the city, in addition to the basic designs for structure and population flow.



The Jorrael grow the towns and cities of Janikk, carefully selecting each location based upon the settlement's intended purpose and the available plantlife in each area. Using Agrokinesis they work in teams to grow their chosen plants into the structures of the city, incorporating the settlements' required infrastructure as they go.   Upon completion, at least one Jorrael will be assigned to the maintenance of the settlement, seeing to the needs of the trees and the people living within them, when modifications and maintenance are required. The larger the city, the more Jorrael in residence.

Social Status

Jorrael are well regarded within Jannadael society, as they form the foundation of each and every settlement across the entirety of Janikk. As with most individuals choosing to align themselves with the Mordena, a position as Jorrael is a life of service for the good of the community, with the support and appreciation of that community reflected back in turn.


The Jorrael were the first official profession of the newly fledged Mordena upon their settlement of Janikk, constructing the capital city of Dirkkatael using a healthy grove of nikklub trees.   The skills used by the Jorrael go back thousands of years to the original inhabitants of Janikk and their own methods of growing living cities from the trees of their planet. Janikk herself has provided training to Urla and her people, including suggestions on the best trees for use at each settlement. The many carvings within the Tsekeht caves have also provided clues to specialized techniques the Jorrael are still working to unravel.  


Today the art of city growing has also been modified and adapted, to include the growth of living ships including capital shops, the famed Blade fighter's, and even Janikk Station. These Vemajorrael are also trained in Zokinesis, allowing them to merge an individual's genetics with their plants, creating an entirely new form of reconstruction clones.
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Technology / Science | Jan 31, 2021

Zokinesis is the magic of animal manipulation. This includes everything from the growth of animals to their genetics and even their health. It also includes the manipulation of effects and curatives from materials obtained from animals.

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