Gene Therapy

Iska fidgeted nervously, adjusting her collar before approaching the receptionist. Here goes everything. She inhaled deeply. Just think! Soon I'll be able to cast magic!   "Umm... Hello? I'm Iska Valix, I was the University scholarship winner for the Attunement Gene Therapy?"   The receptionist smiled back kindly, passing her a datapad. "Congratulations! If you'd just fill out these details for the Zokinetic Surgeon to review, and I'll get you set up with a consult so we can work out your customized genetics plan."   Iska accepted the offered data pad, skimming the questions. "This is a lot of information."   "When altering genetics, if it's not done right it can lead to a lot of problems." The receptionist laughed. "Don't worry, we've been doing this a long time. But that's why we ask all the questions, to make sure we don't overlook anything." She pointed to a comfortable looking chair in the far corner. "Take your time. Let me know if you have any questions."   Iska shifted her weight, eying the chair in the corner. "Is it really like everyone says?"   "And more! You'll have so many new opportunities. It will take time but..." The receptionist paused. "Well, I hope you're ready. Because we're about to change your life."
  A specialized branch of Zokinesis, Gene Therapy allows for the alteration of an individual's genome, tweaking their own genetics to provide additional abilities or eliminate undesired traits or physical conditions. Due to the nature of Zokinesis any alterations made in this manner are less likely to be passed to their immediate offspring through normal reproduction.   For large changes to one's genome, or to increase the odds of genetic inheritance, it is recommended the potential patient instead commission a customized Reconstruction Clone.
Parent Technologies
Access & Availability
An individual's access to gene therapy treatments relies heavily upon the local planetary technology, their financials, and whether or not they are able to obtain a grant from an employer or humanitarian organization.


Due to the possible severity of complications if errors occur during the process reputable gene therapy requires multiple sessions when performed on actual patients and outside of a laboratory setting. The adjustments are made in small incriments, with follow up appointments prior to the next stage of the process to confirm the procedure's accuracy. Depending upon the intended end results these incrimental adjustments may also be accompanied by physical or magical therapy to exercise the patient's new capabilities. Upon completion of the therapy a patient may also be expected to continue to follow up with their Zokinetic Surgeon for the following year.  

Attunement Gene Therapy

In Attunement Gene Therapy the patient's genetics are altered to insert the attunement sequence and allow the ability to cast magic, with those capabilities increasing over the course of the treatments and magical therapy exercises until finally reaching full attunement. From this point forward any further increase in abilities will be the result of practice.   As the most common of all gene therapies, Attunement Therapy serves as a possible exception to the longer, more complex process required for other alterations, depending upon the experience level of the facility performing the procedure. While still requiring multiple sessions due to the magical exercises required to actually attune, once the desired end results are achieved there is rarely a need for any further appoinents.


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