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Zokinetic Surgeon

Highly trained and specialized, zokinetic surgeons require an expertise in Zokinesis and Gene Therapy, as well as a detailed knowledge of their specialty species' genetics.   They are best known for their highly streamlined treatments geared toward the unattuned, adjusting their genetics to allow them to attune more readily to the magical fields, but this application barely scratches the surface of their potential.



Zokinesis forms the backbone of the zokinetic surgeon's skills, allowing for direct genetic manipulation of their patients. A basic understanding of Curative Magic is also recommended, allowing the surgeon the opportunity to heal their patient should something go wrong during treatment. Some also choose to learn Agrokinesis first, due to the higher threshold of forgiveness for mistakes.   Patience and strong ethical principles are also highly encouraged, due to the very nature of the profession. Zokinetic surgeons operate on living beings, directly adjusting their genetics. The safety and comfort of the patient should hopefully remain paramount throughout their treatment, often requiring multiple sessions to ensure each adjustment works as expected.

Career Progression

Sophontic Surgery

Those treating the Sophont Species of Vazdimet often begin their careers as healers, allowing zokinetic surgeon hopefuls to gain a thorough understanding of the delicate interactions between the body's different systems. Early-career practicioners are most commonly found performing attunement therapy, due to the highly formulaic nature of the process.   Those who excel may find their way to more advanced and customizable treatments. In these cases, practicioners often learn first with reconstruction clone - if such practices are common and legal in their faction - before moving into the treatment of cancers, genetic diseases, and other medical conditions which respond readily to genetic manipulation.  

Veterinary Surgery

Counterintuitively, the most advanced zokinetic surgeons often work on non-sophontic species. While it's not uncommon for sophontic surgeons to specialize on those with similar anatomy, such as humans and dracoling, or canids and katanoji, veterinarian-minded surgeons are expected to tackle a whole array of highly varied and sometimes even exotic species, with much less specialized equipment.   This also means that while a sophontic zokinetic surgeon may be unable to assist a creature outside of their field of expertise or even beyond their operating room, a veterinarian zokinetic surgeon may find themselves perfectly capable of taking on the role of field medic in case of emergencies.   Of course, most veterinary surgeons prefer to avoid these situations whenever possible, often due to potential legalities and licensing issues that may arise depending upon the specifics of the situation and governmental regulations.
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