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Biomicrokinesis is the magical manipulation of microorganisms. This includes everything from their growth rate to their genetics and even their health. It also includes the manipulation of effects and curatives from microorganism-derived materials, through manipulation of the organisms themselves.   While the magic has obvious uses in the fields of medicine and Curative Magic, it is also used to assist in breeding mushrooms, brewing alcoholic beverages, baking dough-based products, and other such everyday tasks.   As a branch of Nature Magic, Biomicrokinesis is classified as Exoarcana. As such, the magical fields required for casting the spells are generated by the presence of living creatures within the caster's immediate environment. The stronger these fields, the more powerful spells, meaning Biomicrokinesis is most often cast planetside, rather than in the Void.


Biomicrokinesis can be cast on any living cellular microorganism including bacteria and fungi, but has proven ineffective against viruses. The technology can be split into several separate sub-classes.  

Microscopic Manipulation

The most basic field of Biomicrokinesis, microscopic manipulation allows the caster to control basic aspects of a colony of cellular microorganisms. This includes growth rate, but also growth patterns, dietary intake from available resources, and even such factors as cellular arrangement and general health, in the case of skilled mages.   This classification does not alter the microorganism in any way that would affect its genetics or offspring.  


This class of biomicrokinesis focuses on the manipulation of the microorganisms' genetic code. Unlike the plants and animals targeted by Agrokinesis and Zokinesis, microorganisms are so small and reproduce so quickly that genetic manipulations must be focused on entire groups of microorganisms rather than a single target. Surprisingly, this makes genetic biomicrokinesis easier than the genetic manipulations of other fields.   Genetic spells also allows casters to identify microorganisms by types and their effects upon other living creatures, especially if the practicioner has encountered a similar strain.  

Yeast Manipulation

Biomicrokinesis is cast so frequently upon yeast that this use case developed into its own school of mastery. Baking breads and brewing beers require yeast, and most family recipes revolve around at least basic yeast manipulation. There are countless processes detailing the best ways to work magic upon yeast, each with their own distinct effects and flavors, many of them closely held family or business secrets.   The well-known alchemical yeast is rumored to be one such product of these spells, although the facts of its origin are long lost to time. Historical texts from.the Golding Library indicate the yeast has existed since before the War for Enlightenment.  

Curative Biomicrokinesis

This classification is used most commonly by healers, frequently in conjunction with Curative Magic. A well-trained biomicrokinesiologist can not only identify the strains of microorganisms within an individual but also suppress those causing sickness while enhancing others to help fight off the infection.   These spells require complete mastery for successful casting on microorganisms within a living creature. Easier variations involve altering bacterial genetics in a controlled environment, prior to administering them to a patient.

Risks and Complications

Basic biomicrokinesis is fairly simple for the beginner due to the quick reproduction and relatively short reproductive cycle of the target microorganisms. But as easy as most find entry-level biomicrokinesis, safely casting on microorganisms inside another creature requires intense skills and concentration.   Applying biomicrokinesis to microorganisms within a living host is an extremely complex procedure requiring both caution and expertise throughout the entire process. The caster must maintain control of their spell for the duration, with frequent pauses to check the effects on both the microorganism colony and its host. Even the best healers prefer to perform biomicrokinesis on the target microorganism before inserting them into the subject's body, if possible, despite – or perhaps because of – the more potent options available when manipulating them directly within the host.
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