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Endoarcana encompasses all Magic powered solely by the self and the caster's own Imperium, without any requirement for external magical fields to manipulate.   Much like Asterarcana spellwork, Endoarcana spells work equally well within The Void as they do planetside. Unlike Asterarcana, the strength of each spell depend wholly upon the skill and power of the caster, with no external influence.


Endoarcana currently contains two classes of magic: Oramathea, the magic of sight, and Psychic Magic, the magic of the mind and emotions.  


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Oramathea by Timepool
Most branches of Oramathea focus on different ways to enhance or fool the sense of sight. Holography in particular has revolutionized communication and entertainment across Vazdimet.

Psychic Magic

Psychic Magic by Timepool
Psychic Magic spans from thoughts to emotions, encompassing spells of both Telepathy and Psychometry.
  These are highly focused spells, often with intimate implications to their use. Some arcanologists hypothesize this is why the magic pulls from the self.   What better source of power for a personal spell, after all, than the person casting that spell?
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Endoarcana by Timepool
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