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  For an idea of how Magic in Vazdimet works, take a look at the ancient past with Magic of Fillimet. Vazdimet's magic will be similar, although reclassified and tweaked to include new discoveries and omit forgotten secrets.
Magic of Fillimet
Technology / Science | Jul 10, 2021

Magic forms the foundation of Fillimet, its influence permeating into every facet of life from the complex spells of protective Cleansing Magic and Draconic Book Preservation to the simplest applications of refrigeration and Necromantic communication.

Raw Notes   Same as Magic of Fillimet, EXCEPT:  
  • Magic works differently in space because of all the space between planets, and so weakened Magical Fields if relying on things that are limited to planets.
  • Mordena have learned ways to manipulate the paths of the magical fields, from Janikk. Currently only know how to do with Nature Magic but Jake Cartwright Lawrence is clever. Let's see what he figures out.
  • Discovered Telekinesis is gravity based
  • Counters now to Vitriol Magic and the understanding of the Laws of Magic has changed due to the universal Void view instead of the localized planes before.
  • Interest in lost secrets of Ancient Magic has waned because Void Magic is believed to ve better anyway. (But they are the same, just different applications of it).
  • Bringing your own stuff related to a magic class lets you cast it. (Aquaponics on larger ships for Nature based, for example. Hence why ships with Medical bays require plants.)
  • Question: Are there magics that only work in space? (Besides Void Mage).
  • More standard technologies. Space Defense Legion
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