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Order of Librarians

A highly trained military force specially chosen for their Immunity to magic, the Order of Librarians defended the most dangerous archives of the Golding Library until their eventual defeat during the War for Enlightenment.   Their legacy lives on among the Librarians and Incorruptible of the Space Defense Legion.

Public Agenda

The ancient Order of Librarians served as the military force directly attached to the Golding Library, defending the knowledge within. Their immunity to Magic served as an added defense against mages seeking to claim the secrets of the Library for themselves.


The War for Enlightenment split ancient Fillimet along deeply political lines centered on the Librarians themselves. Those who believed in defending the secrets of the Library rallied behind them, defending their ancient way of life against those who wished to reveal those hidden marvels of magic technology.   The Librarians fought to the last, but ultimately failed in their mission. Much knowledge was lost to the fighting and its aftermath, although that which remained proved sufficient to launch Vazdimet into The Void.


While many of the Librarians survived the War, courtesy of the defense provided by the Human Defense League so they could heal, the Order of Librarians itself died in the War.   Most of the remaining survivors chose to fade into the background, seeking a new beginning among those who had fought alongside them during War. Today their descendants can be found among the Incorruptible of the Space Defense Legion, while their legacy is carried by the modern day Librarians.

Some Truths Belong in the Dark

382 EFT - 1 EVT

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