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tyrellium shielding

Tyrellium shielding harnesses tyrellium's magic conductivity to disrupt the flow of magic through the shield, distributing most of the targeted Magic through the shield's wiring and weakening its effects upon the intended target.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Tyrellium shielding can be used effectively to reduce the effects of incoming spells or even negate incoming magic entirely. When properly installed and grounded, it conducts magic around the shielding while reducing or eliminating transmissions to the inside of the shield.  


Tyrellium shielding forms an important component of Antimagic protocols throughout Vazdimet, providing a Magic-impenetrable barrier. It's also a core protection in many Magic-based laboratories, protecting the outside world from the experiments within.   Its most infamous and liberal use is found within SAF Military Headquarters, where every room and corridor is sectioned off courtesy of tyrellium shielding, with special channels throughout to permit the passage of Telekinesis, and allow necromancers a faint connection to The Void to stave off their usual claustrophobia.   Looser weaves of tyrellium are commonly found in clothing and especially military uniforms. These provide minor protections against Magic, or channels of conductivity for Runework woven within the garment, as is the case for the SAF ground forces uniform.
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Raw materials & Components
tyrellium: either woven wires or solid sheets
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Feb 7, 2024 01:27 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I knew this about the SAF Headquarters, but reading this made it more sinister for me for some reason.   I do love the name 'tyrellium'

Feb 7, 2024 01:31 by Morgan Biscup

I love that element name, too.   SAF Headquarters is the worst.

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