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SAF Uniform

The military uniforms of the Sparnell Armed Forces are known for their sharp features and simplicity of design, in support of their reputation for military efficiency and brutality. The same family of uniforms are worn by all branches of service, officers and enlisted alike. Variations include the dress uniform, for formal occasions, and the service uniform, for everyday wear within the fleet.  

Dress Uniform

by Astron
The SAF dress uniform was designed with an eye for intimidation and authority. As a result it is the only SAF uniform to include starched white in its colorations, the others centered on the shades of brown said to represent the planetary members of the Confederation.   The left breast of the white jacket is adorned with the wearer's full collection of service ribbons and medals, with the right breast bearing only the gilded nameplate. Admirals wear their personal insignia above the nameplate, while their Oathbound display the insignia of their sponsor as lapel pins on the stiff high collar. The jacket also displays the occupant's rank prominently on both the sleeve cuffs and shoulder bars. The threads of the jacket are specially treated with Chromamancy to ensure it maintains its brilliant white coloration.   The trousers are dark brown and unadorned, with the possible exception of golden Void Stripe piping worn by Void Mages down the outer sides of the legs. A matching brown belt is worn around the waist, over the jacket, sometimes said to signify the Sparnell Confederation planets' support of their military. A stiff white hat with a dark brown brim and gold (for officers) or silver (for enlisted) trim completes the ensemble, the wearer's service emblem displayed prominently on the front.   Gloves, while officially included in the dress uniform, are rarely worn by members of the SAF outside of the most formal of occasions. The thick white fabric tends to tangle in claws despite the Threadmancy applied during weaving and various efforts to include fingertip reinforcements or claw holes. As a result the garments are only willingly worn by humans and dracolings.
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Service Uniform

Commodore Renkash Alenahs
Commodore Renkash Alenahs (working uniform) by Astron
The SAF service uniform was designed for safety, looks, and comfort during everyday operations within the fleet. The brown fabric is said to represent the planets of the Sparnell Confederation, while the lighter brown of the shirt is meant to assist in spotting crewmembers against the Void should one be inadvertently left behind during a Hyperjump. Adornment is limited to name patches and rank insignia, with Void Mages also displaying their Void Stripe piping on the outside of their trousers. Admirals wear their personal insignia on their right breast above their service patch, while Oathbound don lapel pins to denote their sponsoring Admiral.   The cloth is Threadmancy-reinforced to protect against basic attacks and resist chemical spills, flames, and everyday wear. A hidden placket extends down the front of the shirt in the form of an extra flap of fabric which snaps into place to hide the airtight zipper, allowing objects to graze across the surface without catching. The fabric also contains a loose Tyrellium weave, sufficient to reduce the effectiveness of spells directed against its occupant but not enough to unduly stress the Void Necromancer during Hyperjumps.   The weave itself reacts to air pressure, manifesting as a loose but thick fabric to allow comfortable circulation at standard pressures while pulling itself taut and thin to retain air if exposed to the vacuum of space. The sewn-in breather at the back of the neck will automatically deploy in low pressure situations to encapsulate the head and neck of its occupant, securing their air supply and triggering the short-term shielding spells sewn into the shirt's wrist cuffs (and pant tail opening, if applicable). Standard Hyperjump protocol requires these breathers to be manually deployed until the jump is complete in case a crewmember is left behind, while the gilded belt loops can be used to activate a homing beacon for retrieval, as well as a limited warmth spell set to channel through the tyrellium.  
Hoffigar Harbia in Uniform by Astron
Unlike the dress uniform, the standard service uniform does not typically include a hat, with a few exceptions. Certain skillsets and roles, such as medics, are assigned hats with symbols on the front denoting those roles to allow for ease of identification in case of emergency. Due to the interference of clothing on their magical capabilities and mobility, fae crewmembers are also assigned a hat as their sole piece of uniformed clothing, complete with the standard Hyperjump safety features. Their carapace and naturally enhanced magical attunements are more than sufficient to provide any additionally required defenses, making the improvements provided by their non-fae coworkers' specialized uniforms unnecessary, although the hats do use the same fabric as the standard uniform shirts.   Prior iterations of the service uniform also included dark brown gloves but these were found to interfere with everyday physical tasks. Additionally the katanoj and canid starmen would often intentionally lose or destroy their gloves in an effort to keep their claws unencumbered, and so the requirement was dropped.   Due to the magical protections and enchantments sewn into the fabric, service uniforms are inspected weekly for spell maintenance and repair. Experienced starmen perform their own inspections, while a dedicated tailormage assists as needed and performs all necessary maintenance and repairs.  

Ground Forces Uniform

Razick Kane
Razick Kane by Astron
The SAF ground forces uniform is built for utility, protection, and comfort. The thickest of all SAF uniforms at an impressive ten layers of fabric, the weave is not only threadmancy-reinforced but also impregnated with a shear-thickening fluid which instantly hardens when hit with great force, dissipating the brunt of the impact across the fabric before softening to become flexible again. A thicker tyrellium weave is also included throughout the inner five layers of the uniform, to dissipate most direct magical attacks, while an assortment of pockets are scattered across the outer surfaces of both shirt and trousers. Additional protections are provided by reinforced leather epaulets with an upturned collar worn over the outer jacket.   The fabric is also treated with Chromamancy, allowing its pattern to alter depending upon the surroundings of its occupant. Each uniform comes with a handful of preset options optimized for snow, sand, a handful of planetary plant growth coloration, and dark conditions. If unusual coloration and patterns are required in preparation for a mission they can be programmed in separately.   The uniform also includes a heavy helmet reinforced with advanced metalmancy, thick black boots, and leathermancy-treated gloves most commonly seen on human and dracoling members of the force. A heavy backpack completes the standard ground uniform, its contents determined by the mission and the skills and needs of the individual.   Ground force uniforms carry simple insignia, with a name patch worn over the left breast pocket and rank and Sparnell SAF patches on both shoulders. The back of the protective helmet also bears the individual's name and ranking insignia, with the emblem of the Sparnell Armed Forces on the front.  

Uniform and Insignia

The insignia of the Sparnell Armed Forces has been carefully designed and positioned to provide the maximum impact and utility. As a result the markings on the dress uniform are meant to provide a certain measure of intimidation, while the markings on the service and ground uniforms focus on utility and clarity during everyday wear and particularly the heat of combat.  
SAF Uniforms
Dress and Service Uniforms for the SAF
The Confederation troops arranged themselves along the pathways around the Capital building, their stiff white and brown uniforms a sharp contrast to the rubble and still raging fires caused by their bombardment. Their leader, an Admiral I think, presided over the ceremony of surrender with a cool disdain that will haunt me for the rest of my days.   I have never seen a larger, more depressing spectacle, than the day we lost our independence to the Confederation.
— citizen, recently conquered planet

Cover image: Planet Moon Solar by LoganArt


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May 11, 2021 13:09

Already a nice uniform! Really like the images that you provided which give a nice visual of how they should look. It is interesting how much magic and skill is involved in creating these uniforms. Especially how the service uniform provides an air supply is a nice addition. Great read!

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Nice article and you also have really nice illustrations :D   I like how the uniform reflects the culture of your people. I love the details about the gloves being annoying to wear because of their claws :D   I love the details of how the uniform is adapted to protect against the danger of space. One question, if you break up the cloth with the pins used to attach medals and nameplate, does that not interfere with that protection?

May 14, 2021 17:20 by Morgan Biscup

Not in any significant way. The nameplates are sewn on, and the fibers are reinforced so the pins merely push them aside, rather than damage them. So when it pulls tight in low pressure it fits snugly around the pin.

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May 28, 2021 19:45 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

All your new images really look great! And I forgot if it was already there last time, but I really like the schema at the bottom :D

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It was not, that was the last piece I added. Thank you! :)

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Nice article. I like how you got really in-depth with the magical technologies involved.

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Wow. I was already impressed with the art and the writing (the line "the lighter brown of the shirt is meant to assist in spotting crewmembers against the Void should one be inadvertently left behind during a Hyperjump" really catching my attention) and then I got to the interactive uniform map at the bottom.   If this doesn't make the shortlist, it's a crime! This is so good.

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Thanks! I love the cute little hat too. <3   I needed visuals of these to help me describe them anyway, figured I'd actually commission some for my characters who would wear them and go all out with the layout. So glad you enjoyed!

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May 30, 2021 09:26 by Laria

Nice uniform. The images are very military style, which fits the article. One question. Are human in the bottom layer of this federation?

May 30, 2021 11:07 by Morgan Biscup

No, it's a mix. Humans do have a lower chance of being able to use magic at birth but there are gene therapies that can change that easily. There *are* fewer humans percentage wise, though, as a lot of humans flocked to Legion space in the beginnings of space travel. (The Legion prefers more traditional technologies over magic when they can.)   The Confederation is a military meritocracy. If you can prove your worth, and you're fine with a lot of political subterfuge, you can climb as high as you like no matter who you are.

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Thanks so much! A year or so ago I saw someone use maps to describe an outfit and I was excited to finally do my own.

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This is a really cool uniform! The white is very striking, so I can see why they would save it for the dress uniform. Also, glad that they use chromamancy, white could be a real pain otherwise!   As the hat of the dress uniform is not being worn, but is instead held, in the art, is it a mandatory piece of the outfit that must always be worn, or can it be removed?   Also, is it often that crewmembers are left behind in a hyperjump? I would assume, if the uniform is designed with that in mind, that it would be, but I just was curious. On that note, would the Tyrellium in the uniform make this more likely, as it reduces the effectiveness of spells, therefore making it more likely for hyperjumps to not work on wearers?

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Typically the hat would be required in dress uniform situations, but Admiral Kydell prefers to wear his dress uniform as often as possible and so tends to flaunt the regulations (and get away with it) often.   Hyperjumping is a very challenging spell, often considered the most difficult or, although it is much easier to use at a smaller scale. During ideal conditions all cargo is tied down and all crewmembers and passengers will strap themselves into jump seats to make it easier for the casting mage to include them within the spell, but sometimes mistakes do happen.   Traveling via portal is certainly safer than Hyperjumping, but portals tend to confuse the directionality of the Telekinetic Engines and only the Space Defense Legion has managed to build mechanical engines at a scale effective for capital ships, so most are forced to rely upon Hyperjumps for any sizeable ship.

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Jun 3, 2021 17:48 by Barbarossa Sparklebeard

I really like the details you put in these uniforms, especially the visuals used. It is really cool the little stuff you thought of like a stripe for mages and just the concept of threadmancy is an interesting touch. I love this article!

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I love that some species intentionally lost or damaged their gloves :) and how you consider the uniform on the different species. Using a map to detail different parts of the uniform is such a smart idea!

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Oh my god.... that's a super creative way of using the map feature. That is the map feature right? I really need to work on how I present clothing and uniforms. This puts my attempts to shame. I love the detail, and how it really seems like you did research into how actual military uniforms work. Like the void stripe is a lovely touch and makes perfect sense. Another well done article. I should probably find different ways to say that otherwise today's comment may get a little repetitive. XD

May 8, 2022 16:26 by Morgan Biscup

It is the map, yes! I can't claim credit for the idea, saw someone else use it years ago and it always stuck with me. I did put a lot of thought into these, and I love how they came out. Thanks!

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