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    Rather than a single location, the Afterlife refers to all planes of existence at higher dimensions than the mortal plane, the three dimensional space where most known history of Vazdimet occurs. Upon death the soul slips beyond the Veil into the next higher plane, remaining there until either pulled back to the mortal plane or elevated to an even higher dimension of the Afterlife.   Not much is known about the highest levels of the Afterlife, as those who pass beyond the first two have never returned, even when Called. Most scientists theorize that the eventual path through the higher dimensions leads to a complete loss of self, theorizing this is why souls never return, while a small but growing number of scientists and philosophers have been pushing back on these long held beliefs.   As is often the case with the unknown, some citizens of Vazdimet embrace the journey, particularly among the more scientifically-minded Space Defense Legion. Others fear the Afterlife, spending their lives in an effort to escape, such as the followers of the Hydell Order. And then there's those that flaunt its existence completely, remaining on the mortal plane in whatever form they can, as is common among the Sparnell Confederation and Mordena.  

    Natural Resources

    The Afterlife holds its own resources, which are generally not accessible to the mortal plane. In the ancient past of Fillimet, however, some metalsmiths learned to work with metals from the higher planes, folding them into mortal metals to form enhanced weapons such as the Void Blade. These legendary weapons appear ordinary to the untrained observer, but hold the ability to cut not only across the mortal plane but also the Afterlife.   Jake Lawrence's pen knife, Oathbreaker, is one of the few known surviving examples.
    Dimensional plane

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