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    "A long time ago people used to find ways to bring metals back from the Afterlife and work them into our own, to make a blade that can cut not just the body but the very soul of a person." Shane slid the safety latch downward and extended the knife, studying it. The thin, double sided blade glistened menacingly in the lamps of the vault. "I'd always thought it was a legend."   "Sir?" Veris questioned. "It's... just a penknife."   "That's what it looks like on this plane," Shane murmured. "But if I pull the higher planes to us..."   Veris jumped back as the familiar silver of the blade suddenly developed veins of deep blues and purples, an otherwordly aura now radiating from the metal. He blinked and the vision dissolved, replaced once again by ordinary silver.
    A valuable gift from a former rival, Jake Lawrence's Void Blade, Oathbreaker, remains a subject of many fantastical myths and stories about the Mordena. In truth the dimension-spanning blade has proven useful in performing soul surgeries to free regretful Oathbound from their Oaths.   Oathbreaker has also been used as a Soulbinding target by the Void Mage Yiven Alanis, allowing the necromancer to possess the blade at will and help direct its wielder. This has proven particularly effective in situations where the weapon's intended target cannot be accurately located on the mortal plane, when the knife is brandished by someone unable to see beyond the Veil.

    Mechanics & Inner Workings

    As a Void blade, Oathbreaker is able to cut not only an object or individual's manifestation on the mortal plane, but also on the higher planes as well up to the home plane of the Void metals used during its construction. This makes it an effective knife for destroying an individual's soul in close combat without the Soul Shatter spell.

    Manufacturing process

    Void Blades like Oathbreaker require a knowledge of Necromancy and access to weapons-grade metals mined from the higher planes. The Void metals are folded into the mortal metals of the blade, creating a weapon which spans multiple planes.


    The knife's sharp blade allows for precision in its cuts on all applicable planes. This trait led Shane Lawrence to rely upon the instrument when performing soul surgery to free the Oathbound of the Turncoat Armada, eventually lending the knife the name "Oathbreaker".   The blade remains important to myths and stories about the Mordena, and many Oathbound defectors from other factions specifically seek out the Mordena in the hopes the mercenaries will also sever their Soul Oath with the legendary blade.   For their part, the Mordena refuse to officially confirm its existence. As the secrets of obtaining and verifying the properties of Void metals have been lost to the ages many believe Oathbreaker to be another of the many myths built around the Mordena.
    Item type
    Weapon, Melee
    Current Location
    Current Holder
    Subtype / Model
    Related Technologies
    Owning Organization
    7 inches folded
    13 inches unfolded
    Raw materials & Components
    Stainless Steel (Iron alloy containing Carbon, Chromium, Vanadium, Molybdenum, and Niobium), from the mortal plane
    Void metal, from the higher planes

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    Generic article | May 25, 2022

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    Cover image: Planet Moon Solar by LoganArt


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    Sage Dylonishere123
    R. Dylon Elder
    25 Aug, 2021 22:46

    Seriously cant wait to actually read this novel. Like that quote is awesome! Well done as always. It's an awesome sword though ima need to explore a bit to determine just how important and powerful it may be. Soooooon

    25 Aug, 2021 23:53

    It's a handy little pen knife. So glad you are excited to learn more about it.

    Lead Author of Vazdimet.
    Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
    Sage Dylonishere123
    R. Dylon Elder
    26 Aug, 2021 00:33

    Sorry I missed the like, and pen knife? Ohhhh inwas confused. You call dimension spanning and I took that to mean it was in reality, much bigger instead of just sharp enough to cut on all planes. I was confused. It's been a day, I apologize.

    26 Aug, 2021 06:49

    Hahaha, no worries, you're fine! I will admit, in the initial iteration I had been debating making it larger on the higher planes but decided to keep it about the size of a switchblade. Very (permanently) deadly, but also very much a precise, intimate weapon.

    Lead Author of Vazdimet.
    Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
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