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the Veil

Most people talk about the Veil as if it is an actual barrier, some sort of physical manifestation of the natural order of things, constructed to separate the dead from the living.   It makes for a good story, certainly. But the truth is far less sensational, and much more practical.
  The Veil exists as the separation between life and the afterlife, dividing the known of existence from the unknown possibilities of the higher spiritual planes. Originally considered a barrier that could be crossed with the proper rituals and attunement, it is now understood as the spiritual resonance point at which most people can no longer perceive the higher frequency of an individual or object.


The Veil is not a physical barrier at all, but rather a limit in our own perceptions! Our souls have their own spiritual vibration, and the average individual's perception is tuned such that existence as we know it vibrates in our perceived range of vibration, the same way we perceive visible light.   Upon death, no longer bound by our current physical forms, we become free to vibrate at a higher spiritual frequency, one which cannot be perceived by the living, aside from those attuned in the art of Necromancy.   With the help of this book you too can learn to attune yourself to the higher spiritual Frequencies, allowing you to glimpse secrets from beyond the Veil. With practice, and respectful care for those beyond the Veil, you will even learn to manipulate and temporarily alter the frequencies of individuals who have gone before, assisting them in contacting those loved ones they have left behind.


All of known existence has some component in the spirit realm of the Veil, allowing those who have passed on or ascended to remain in the same mortal planes they once knew in life, if they so wish. Because the lower planes exist at a lower spiritual frequency, however, beings from the higher planes cannot interact with them without great effort. The practice of Necromancy allows an individual to temporarily alter the spiritual frequency of individuals or objects, allowing communication and interaction across the Veil by attuning all participants to resonant spiritual frequencies.   Other planes, such as the storied Solivanna of the Three Songs, exist solely within the higher dimensions of existence. These planes are considered the afterlife, and are only accessible to those who have ascended to a spiritual frequency beyond the Veil.  
Some scientists hypothesize that what we call "life" is merely the infancy of existence, and "death" is our ascension into adolescence. Each new cycle of life and death allows us to ascend into an even greater existence and understanding of the universe until we finally achieve true enlightenment and immortality.   Of course none of these enlightened immortals have deemed it important to return to share their experiences with us mere infant souls, and so this remains mere hypothesis. But it does make one wonder...
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Nov 14, 2020 22:43 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is a really cool take on the idea of a 'veil'. I love the idea of frequencies. :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Nov 15, 2020 02:30 by Morgan Biscup

Thank you!   I wanted to do something that I could explain scientifically (at least, scientifically per *my* world) and my brain took it in an interesting direction. But there's so much I can do with it now, and it's going to be fun!   I'm glad it made sense.

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