Three Songs

Native to Rol'na, the Three Songs Church believes in the balance of joys and sorrows, change and consistency. It is for this reason they celebrate the present moment and form tight knit communities. While not all in Rol'na follow the Three Songs, it has left a strong influence on the cultures and beliefs of the Rol'nara.

Mythology & Lore

Before the birth of the world there were three sisters who each had the ability to sing worlds into reality. Xira, the oldest, believed in stability and constancy, and her songs reflected ideals of unwavering truths and steadfast mountains. Kambiara, her slightly younger twin, believed in the importance of change and sang of the tides and currents of the ocean and the renewal of constant adaptability.   The two sisters' disagreements placed their songs in dissonance, with each vying for the upper hand to undo what the other had sung into existence and replace it with her own ideals. After the destruction of many songs their youngest sister Patheia stepped in. While her sisters believed in tangible concepts, Patheia believed in the intangible experiences in life. Empathy. Suffering. Forgiveness. Redemption. And most importantly, Patheia believed that change and constancy were two sides of the same coin, and that the existence of one led to the appreciation of the other.   She taught her sisters to sing in harmony, Xia's steady voice providing the foundation while Kambiara's counter melody ebbed and flowed throughout. And through it all, Patheia's harmony wove in the joys and sorrows of life.   In this way, Fillimet was born.

Tenets of Faith

The Singing Faithful believe the world is about balance. Change is inevitable, but so is consistency, each in equal measure, each standing opposed and yet somehow complicit to the other. And throughout it all weaves the opposites of life, each sorrow making the joys sweeter while bringing the community together in empathy and celebration.   To be of the Singing Faithful means to cherish the past while living in the now and trusting in the future. Past mistakes are part of the present person but will never define them. Past glories are treasured friends to help carry someone through the dark times. But life is the sum of all the here and nows across time, and all anyone ever has is the present moment. The Singing Faithful believe the present moment must be valued and shared above all else, for the benefit of everyone's future songs.


Worship of the Three Songs and their Goddesses involves a lot of singing, dancing, and celebration of all life events, from births to weddings to funerals. Each celebration is a recognition of the love of the community for the individuals involved, and a recognition on their value to others.   The Sagewood is considered the sacred flower of the Three Songs due to its embodiment of each of the Goddesses' domains. Its inherent strength and flexibility reflects both Xira's stability and Kambiara's change, while its annual five-day bloom cycle provides a reminder of the brief beauty of each individual life.


Priests and Priestesses

Those directly serving one of the Goddesses are officially titled "Melodies" of their Goddess, or of the Three Songs themselves if serving in a role which honors all three. These Melodies serve by caring directly for the Singing Faithful in a role that honors their Goddess. Due to their nature Melodies of Kambiara and Patheia are fairly common, while Melodies of Xira are fairly rare. This is not meant as an affront to Xira, but rather a testament to her own strength, as what mortal could help a Goddess maintain the permanence of the world?  


Followers of the Three Songs believe the songs of the Goddesses are shared with the Singing Faithful through the words of their Prophets, faithful men and women blessed with Dementia as their reward for a life well lived in the Songs. It is believed that as those with dementia slowly lose themselves they gain strong direct connections to the Goddesses themselves.   The Prophets of the Three Songs reside at the House of Flowers where all their needs are fulfilled by caretakers dedicated to the well-being of the mouthpieces of the Goddesses. Family members are welcome to visit privately with their relatives at any time, while those seeking guidance may make arrangements with the caretakers for a meeting with a Prophet. During the Festival of Flowers the Singing Faithful travel from across Fillimet for shared sessions with the Prophets to seek encouragement and guidance for future endeavors.
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