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    Soul Call

    Also sometimes called Spirit Call, the spell Soul Call allows a caster to communicate with the dead, or even bend the Afterlife to initiate long distance unsecured communication with another living necromancer.


    Soul Call allows the caster to communicate with deceased souls, and even still-living individuals provided the intended recipient also knows Soul Call. The deceased are also able to use the spell to contact individuals on the mortal plane, regardless of whether or not they knew the spell in life, provided the recipient is open to the Veil.   To cast Soul Call, a mage must first open their mind at least partially to The Void behind the Veil, then focus their thoughts on the individual they wish to contact. In most cases this requires the caster to know the individual, although they can also cast an Apotheturgic link with someone else who knew them, and sometimes handling and meditating on an item of significance to the deceased will prove sufficient.   Runework can also be used to create items intended for use by those without personal knowledge of the spell, although these are by necessity limited in use to contact a single entity. The Calling Cards gifted by Shane and Jake Lawrence are an example of this.

    Side/Secondary Effects

    Conversations held via Soul Call are not private, but rather audible words spoken through the Veil. Those on the mortal plan around the caster or recipient can hear the oral part of the conversation, while anyone open to the Veil, living or deceased, can clear both sides if within proximity to either side of the communication.


    Individuals communicating with Soul Call will be able to feel the presence of each other, but this is a mental spell. They will not typically see the other participants in the conversation, although powerful necromancers and casters close to the deceased individual they are contacting may cause exceptions to this rule.


    Necromancy is an Arcanology magic, meaning the power of its spells depends upon the caster's manipulations of the magical fields of the universe itself.
    Related Discipline
    Afterlife Planner
    Related School
    Physical Distance: unlimited
    Dimensional Distance: magical expenditure increases with each additional higher plane

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    Generic article | May 25, 2022

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    1 Dec, 2021 21:42

    Yay <3

    3 Dec, 2021 05:25

    Soul call; Necrobook. A social platform for necromancers to speak with each other and their most favorite deceased:p

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    It’s a unique take on talking to the dead. It’s a nice and informational read.

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