Arthur Golding

Engineer of Modern Magic

Arthur Golding

A controversial figure from the historical days of Fillimet, Arthur Golding looms large in the history of the modern day spacefaring technologies of Vazdimet. His work with tyrellium allows for the encoding of complicated magical Runework in everyday devices, while his research into Necromancy is credited for the prevalence of both the casual use of resurrection after death, as well as the existence-ending Soul Shatter spell.

Mental characteristics


Having obtained a thorough magic-intensive education, as was standard and befitting of a valued member of the Golding Family, our honorable and storied Hero strove to further his Family's glory through the talented and rigorous mastery of Necromancy, redefining society's understanding of death and the Afterlife.   The accomplishments of today are built upon the foundations of Golding Arthur's discoveries. The universe knows his Family's name because of his achievements. You, too, can guarantee your Family's legacy by following in his example. The Confederation thrives because of driven, hard working citizens like you, constantly propelling our glory and progress forward into a new age of power and prestige.
The Prestigious Legacy of Golding Arthur
  By all accounts Arthur's education was thorough but unremarkable, at least for Golding standards. As leaders of the most magic-focused country in Fillimet, this involved a great many lessons on the capabilities and current limitations inherent to the arcane arts, as Magic was called at the time. This also would have included encouragements to push at those limitations and, most importantly, cautions regarding the ethical limits self-imposed by most Goldings.

Accomplishments & Achievements

That heathenous Golding, with his greed for eternity, sacrificed the Natural Order for the sake of his hubris. His followers have since spread his blasphemy across the once-virgin Void. It is the sacred duty of the righteous Militant Order of Descendants to remove his stain from the mortal planes once and for all.
In Defense of the Natural Order
  In life, Arthur Golding was condemned to death for his research, his experiments deemed unethical and destructive to the well being of Fillimet. His name was stricken from all public records, his research locked deep within the Golding Library.   But with the fall of the Library, his legacy has been born anew, kickstarting the space age of Vazdimet through his technological marvels, most notable his carefully documented methods for tyrellium crystallization, allowing for the coding of complex Runework into the magic-conductive metal.   His work in Necromancy changed the entire stakes of war. His discoveries played a major role in the development and adoption of Afterlife Intelligence across the Sparnell Armed Forces, while the rediscovery of his Soul Shatter spell provided a final counter to the increased prevalence of reconstruction clones grown through the use of his formulas.

Morality & Philosophy

Through his own selfless dedication to the betterment of all, Golding Arthur was able to secure a promising and glorious future for the entire Sparnell Confederation. It is our duty to share that future with the universe, through colonization and conquest, so we may all partake in the eternity granted us by Golding Arthur's sacrifice.
The Prestigious Legacy of Golding Arthur
  Arthur Golding's true incentives remain a mystery, lost somewhere to the historical voices decrying his actions as those of a scientific monster, focused so much on his research he never stopped to answer the ethical questions facing those pushing the boundaries of discovery.   The Confederation speak of Arthur as a man dedicated to future generations, his sacrifice a gift to those driven enough to follow in his footsteps. The Legion teaches of his assumed fear of death, cautioning their students on the empty promises of Magic, and the superiority of sustainable and durable mechanical technologies. The Order instead condemns his research as blasphemy, praising those who chose to excommunicate him from society before ending his life.  
Magic possesses inherent advantages over our more expensive and time consuming mechanical technologies, but it would be unwise to overlook the large quantity of weaknesses and limitations added to a system if one chooses to rely solely upon Magic as a shortcut to proper Engineering. Those who believe too many promises of the Arcane tend to forget the many technical and ethical problems which arise with an over reliance upon the flashy but largely untenable supposed superiority of Magic.   Put simply, mechanical Technology has proven itself more sustainable and durable when used at larger scales, without introducing unhealthy dependencies or ethnical dilemmas into the equation. The supposed brilliance of Arthur Golding was not, in fact, the foundation of a new and wondrous future, but rather the beginning of its downfall.   This is a lesson the Sparnell Confederation forgets, time and again, despite the many reminders of our capable and efficient fleets. As the rest of the universe falls into ruin and bloodshed over the greed wrought by a misguided belief in the superiority of their Magic, the Space Defense Legion endures, defending and rebuilding for countless generations until the day the universe's reliance on the empty promises of Magic becomes the downfall of our violent and greedy neighbors.   The Legion overcomes.
The Legion's Technological Endurance in a Universe at War
Circumstances of Death
Executed for discovering tyrellium crystal and pushing the understanding of Necromancy beyond permitted limits.

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