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Militant Order of Descendants

The Militant Order of Descendants serves as the faithful military force of the Ascended Conclave, enacting their will on the universe. Citizens are strongly encouraged to join the Militants, beginning with programs through the Descendant Youth and continuing through young adulthood, as a likely path to earn their own ascension after death, into the Ordained Ascended.


Organization within the Order remains fairly simple. All authority belongs to the Ascended Conclave, The Divine Host of immortal gods guiding the True Descendants of Fillimet into their rightful authority over the universe. They are tended by the Ordained Ascended, those fortunate few who have earned the rights to resurrection and a lifetime in service to their gods.   The Militant Order of Descendants is beholden to both, enforcing the will of the Conclave on the universe at large, in the hope their devout and faithful service will be rewarded with their own ascension into the Ordained Ascended.   The Descendant Youth falls immediately under the Militants' jurisdiction, serving as a means of recruitment and indoctrination for young citizens, to bring them up in the ways of the faithful. Upon conquering a planet, Militants will form a Youth chapter to draw in the children of their newly subjugated populace. Once a chapter proves itself self-sustaining, leadership will be handed over to trusted adults within the conquered community, although the organization remains beholden to the Militants and their chain of command.

Ranks and Roles

The Militants maintain a strict and highly formalized command structure, accompanied by an emphasis on discipline and obedience. Ranks emphasize the holder's loyalty to the Hydell Order, with each Militant's name as almost an afterthought. The entire command chain reports directly to the Ascended Conclave although members of the Ordained Ascended are considered mouthpieces for their respective Grand Ascended, provided they are able to supply the correct credentials to accompany their directives.  

Public Agenda

Militants serve to defend Hydell Order territory and the True Descendants living within from the blasphemous reach of the Sparnell Confederation and any others who would dare attack their holdings. Their devotion to the Ascended Conclave often sees them also enforcing the Natural Order, mercilessly attacking unordained Resurrected, as well as those who allow the blasphemous Resurrected to exist among their societies.   They are often called upon to defend the Natural Order from rot within their own society, as well, subduing rebelling planets and making examples of blasphemous citizens to discourage others from departing from the Conclave's divine teachings.

World Ember 2023

World Ember 2023

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