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To be Resurrected is to be cursed. Cursed to spend the Afterlife wandering the mortal planes. Cursed to exist as a constant reminder of your blasphemy against the Natural Order.   Mercy? You should thank me for ending your torment.
— a fervent True Descendants

What are the Resurrected?

According to the Hydell Order, the Resurrected are those who have experienced death but remain on the mortal plane, without the express permission of the Ascended Conclave. Those found worthy by the Conclave are instead inducted into the Ordained Ascended, often before their own natural death, to better serve the Conclave in ridding the universe of blasphemy.  

Manifestations of the Resurrected

Resurrected could be serving as an Afterlife Intelligence, living again through use of a reconstruction clone, or even soulbound into an object against their will.   The Order believes the only cure for Resurrection is a swift and thorough death, or the destruction of the object within which the Resurrected is bound, thereby sending their soul back to the Afterlife where it belongs.  


While Soul Shatter is considered a viable option, this is still largely reserved for those who have become a particular nuisance to the order, such as members of the Sparnell Confederation and Mordena with their frustrating habits of continued resurrection and prevalent use of AI. For the remainder of Vazdimet's population, the spell is considered an extreme measure against a non-existent problem, when simple death will do.  
They belong in the Afterlife. We're not trying to rob them of it.
— senior member of the Militant Order of Descendants

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