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First Planet of the Freehold Coalition

A rugged, stubborn people, well known for their distrust on the rare occasions they accept outside help, the planet of Baden has nonetheless embraced their reputation as the Birthplace of the Mordena. Housing the Mordena Embassy of Baden, the mercenaries' primary diplomatic building outside of Janikk Station, Baden has also built deep economic trade relationships with the organization. The discrepancy is confusing to outsiders, but locals are quick to point to governmental records listing the Lawrence Family as citizens since Stardate 2289.


In the Crosshairs

Baden always held a long and proud history as a Freehold planet, discouraging invasion from jealous neighbors through the highly trained Baden Defense Force, not to mention the stubborn independence of its own citizenry. But by the late 2280s universal perception began to change. The jingoistic Sparnell Confederation, factional patriotism bolstered by a particularly rousing season of Five Hundred Fun Ways to Die and fueled by a series of successes against the Hydell Order led by none other than Admiral Kydell's armadas, encouraged several lesser admirals to turn their eyes toward the Freeholds once more in their own bid for glory. Once considered an economic boon to securing magical talent fleeing the Confederation, Baden's proximity to Sparnell territory had once more become a liability.   By 2290 Baden found itself at the edge of Sparnell space, its many refugees from the wars of the universe now debating whether or not to remain in the new lives they had built or flee once more into further territory. Toward the latter half of 2291, Baden's worst fears were realized as Admiral Kydell's armadas arrived to claim the planet in the Battle for Baden.  

Rise of the Mordena

Fortunately for Baden, a formerly unknown janitor from a private school near Baden City rose to the challenge, recruiting several former members of the Sparnell Armed Forces to join him in an assault against the attacking fleet. Shane Lawrence, the Bastard of Baden, successfully repelled the assault and claimed the fleet for his own, eventually forming the backbone of what would become the Mordena mercenaries. Baden became the first member of the Freehold Coalition, permitting the mercenaries to maintain a permanent Embassy in exchange for their protection.  

Economic Prosperity

Over the years Baden's ties to the Mordena have deepened, local businesses and even the government seeking additional agreements and exchanges as the Mordena continue to prove their own interests in the safety and prosperity of the planet. While the mercenaries' typical client confidentiality agreements have made a full analysis impossible, conservative estimates show the Mordena holding at least some level of influence over half the businesses on the planet.   This hasn't seemed to cause any negative impacts on planetary prosperity. If anything, the Mordena seem to have been good for business, with those openly claiming ties to the organization boasting not only healthy profit margins but also high popularity with the tourists.


Known as the Birthplace of the Mordena, Baden attracts visitors seeking not only the assistance of the fierce mercenaries but also a glimpse into their past. While the Mordena Embassy and Baden City remain popular destinations, sites across the planet celebrate Baden's recovery from the Battle for Baden and the many economic and diplomatic ties that have been built with the Mordena since that day.   Baden is also a well-known destination for refugees from the larger factions, most notably the Sparnell Confederation, due in part to their proximity to Confederation space. Contrary to what one might expect from an arrogantly self-sufficient planet, Baden has proven itself a welcoming new home for the many hopeless and desperate new settlers. The fact many of these are well-trained and highly skilled mages from the Confederation, providing the planet with a steady influx of talented new residents eager to earn their citizenship, has certainly helped. Baden's magical technology sector is particularly known for their relentless pursuit of new talent, while the shadowy Phoenix Assembly has been known to help the most desperate and recognizable of new refugees start over with a new life, and a new face to go with it.  
What better way to prove our self-sufficiency than to help those unable to care for thsemselves?
— proud Baden citizen


Baden maintains a democratically elected government, with each of its twelve regions electing their own representatives and officials. These officials are then responsible for choosing a leader from amongst themselves, who will serve as Planetary Chancellor. Terms for Chancellor are limited to six years, with no individual or political party permitted to serve consecutive terms in the position. In theory this is intended to encourage collaboration and compromise between political parties, although in practice this has resulted in frequent party changes among the most popular candidates.
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