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    Kane Family

    An unambitious but well-respected Sparnell Family, the Kanes prefer to keep to themselves, doing their duty for the Sparnell Confederation and paving the way for their loved ones' recoveries afterward.


    Unlike many of the political Sparnell Families, the Kanes focus on providing a nurturing environment for their Family members even at the expense of their overall prestige and honor within the Sparnell Confederation. They do not disown Family members, even when they fall outside of the Kanes' well earned reputation as skilled Battle Mages. As a result the Kanes are considered a mid-tier Family, even though they have the respect and skills requires to become one of the more powerful Families in Sparnell.

    Public Agenda

    Publicly and privately the Kanes work hard to serve the Confederation and each other. Much of their internal efforts are spent assisting their Battle Mages in recovery from their Conscription and often extended careers within the Sparnell Armed Forces.   They do not engage in the standard political squabbles of the more powerful Sparnelli Families unless directly provoked. Given this fact, and their reputation as a reliable source for Battle Mages – with most Admirals claiming several in their own ranks – the Kanes are generally left to their own devices aside from the quiet judgment behind closed doors of the Family's "wasted talents" and "lack of ambition".

    Stronger Together

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