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    SAF Conscription

    It's not about patriotism, or doing our duty to support the glory of the Confederation. This is about indoctrination and forced labor, plain and simple. But they're not going to indoctrinate me that easily. I'll make them wish I had never been born. Force them to rethink this whole nonsense.
    Kane Razick, on her sixteenth birthday
      A requirement of all citizens within the Sparnell Confederation, once a member of the Confederation reaches the age of sixteen they are required to participate in a ten year conscription within the Sparnell Armed Forces. Upon completion they are welcome to re-enlist, or forge their own path using the training they received during the service.


    Once a Sparnelli citizen turns sixteen they are recognized as an adult and expected to present themselves for their ten year conscription into the Sparnell Armed Forces. On more populous planets such as Sparnell citizens are required to submit their paperwork on their birthday and are often accepted for training the same day. On less populous more rural planets citizens are granted leeway of up to a week, and sometimes are not formally accepted until a month later.   Those who fail to apply for their mandatory service within the SAF are arrested and forced to serve anyway, often under stricter requirements and even lengthened terms of service. Those deemed unfit for traditional service due to medical or personal problems are assigned elsewhere for the duration of their service, in roles traditionally considered inferior and sometimes even shameful depending upon how closely an individual follows the teachings of Confederation leadership.

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    Generic article | May 25, 2022

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    Master Brinsmead
    Caitlin Phillips
    12 Jul, 2021 11:43

    Kane Razick sounds like an absolutely kick-ass character. I really enjoyed this coming of age article, and I'd love to find out what kind of inferior or shameful roles they could get assigned to.

    Cait x
    12 Jul, 2021 15:55

    I adore Razick. She figures prominently in "In Spite of the Inevitable". As does her brother Jeb, who was deemed unfit for the fleet and sent to become a Biologist / Hydroponics expert.

    Lead Author of Vazdimet.
    Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
    8 Aug, 2021 20:12

    Oh Razick :(   Ten years is a long time. I feel like the majority of people would be fully indoctrinated by the end.

    8 Aug, 2021 21:18

    Which is, unfortunately, the point.

    Lead Author of Vazdimet.
    Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
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