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The Way of the Balance

Death brings Life to all things, and that Life brings more Death. Respect the gifts of each. This is the way of the Balance.
— The Way of the Balance
  All life on Janikk is tied into the Tenecknaab, the Link to the Balance. As a result the Jannadael are intimately aware of their connection to their planet and their impact on the life – and death – around them.   Ecknaab is a way of living in respect to that balance, begun by the ancient civilization which once called the planet home, and continued today in the everyday lives of the people who have settled on Janikk since.


Ecknaab – The Balance – was the way of life practiced by the original Jannadael people. Its teachings focus on the balance between life and death, and how one always gives strength to the other. Practitioners were taught to respect the live and the death around them, and work to find their place within it in mutually beneficial ways rather than bending it to their will regardless of its own needs.   This often involved the use of Agrokinesis, Zokinesis, and even Biomicrokinesis, which remained in line with the teachings of the Ecknaab, provided the end results were beneficial to the creatures upon which the magic was used.


The present day Jannadaelox, including the Mordena mercenaries, continue to observe this practice. Originally this was in response to the promise made by Shane Lawrence to Janikk, allowing the Turncoat Armada to settle on the planet, but over time it has been adopted as an important philosophy behind Jannadael culture.   Echoes of these teachings can be found in all walks of life, from the Jorrael-built living cities, to the sustainable practices behind the ingredients found in Jannadael Foods, and even in the Mordena Funerary Rites.   These practices have only reinforced the Mordena's reputation and ferocious and uncaring mercenaries, but those same practices that appear callous and unfeeling to many are firmly rooted in respect for the Ecknaab.
<You asked why death was important. Here you go. The dead bring life to the rest of us. Food, fertilizer, crafting materials, you name it. Eventually we'll move this pit to somewhere else and pick through the bones to see what we can reuse.> The Blade's voice turned animated. <First time around I asked them to keep my body separate, had a really nice set of dishes made from my bones, to commemorate the occasion. Pretty little fruit pattern painted around the edges, too.>   <You had plates made out of your own bones?> Max blinked.   <Not just bones. Bone porcelain.> Cal laughed. <And there were bowls, too! Obviously I don't need any of it anymore. You can have them, if you want?>   <Cal...> This was not something he wanted to think about right now. <What am I supposed to do with your leg?>   <Chuck it in the pit and get back here.>
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