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The Wondrous World of Janikk Wildlife

Once known only as The Haunted Planet TR-75, our homeworld of Janikk has allowed us the opportunity to study many strange, unique, and wondrous creatures...   Within this document, you'll find a vast collection of information on the many fascinating - and often deadly - animals who share our home. Some you may already know; others you're about to fall in love with for the first time.
— Foreword Excerpt from the Janikk Wildlife Society

Public Reception

The first edition of The Wondrous World of Janikk Wildlife was published as an anonymous pamphlet with the subtitle "And All the Ways It Can Kill You." Intended as a tongue-in-cheek compilation of the often deadly animals of Janikk, it was passed around the fleet and quickly grew to become one of the largest and most well-respected identification guides to Janikk's many species of animals. Today the guide is maintained by the Janikk Wildlife Society, with annual updates.  

Janikk Wildlife Society

The JWS was founded to continue the work begun by the pamphlet's original, unknown author, compiling more factual and useful information on the creatures contained within the short file. Over time the organization grew and expanded, first into education events, then into research. Today a large percentage of Jannadael are members of the organization, including Jorrael and Vemajorrael, farmers, researchers, scientists, and even hobbyists.   Janikk herself has become an occasional attendee at JWS meetings, providing her own cryptic insights into the life of her people. While usually difficult to decipher, Janikk's insights have formed a foundation for those seeking historical knowledge of the adaptation of Janikk's ecosystem after the collapse of the highly magical society formerly guiding its development.
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