Dirkkataa Klaael nikkeer! Kajj Flesyk rekkorae Flesykoj niwok?
  Its true name lost to the ages, Morjakk is the ancient and forgotten language of Janikk, resurrected by the Mordena with assistance of Telepathy and the planet. The Mordena have since adopted the language as their own, as a cypher for coded messages or private conversations in public places without the use of Telepathy. Today its use rivals that of Galactic Common within Mordena households.   Morjakk is taught to new recruits through the use of the language dictionary spell. As the original dictionary was extracted from Janikk herself the ability to learn it also requires the speaker be tied into the Tenecknaab, the neural net linking all creatures on Janikk. Mordena children are also provided the dictionary early in their development to ensure their knowledge relies upon a connection to the Tenecknaab, as learning the language the natural way would remove that requirement and potentially jeopardize the security of the language. Newly invented words are added to this dictionary when needed, often through the combination of existing words with adjacent meanings to the needed term. This, coupled with an array of multi-meaning words grounded in the unique long-dead culture of the planet and the Mordena's disinterest in determining proper verb conjugations, ensures Morjakk retains its cypher-like usage.   The name originates from an intercepted report about the language, written by a rival faction. Intended as derisive and mocking, the Mordena cheekily adopted the name as their own, granting the word an additional meaning of a code or cypher.


110 Words.
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15 Oct, 2021 01:01

I think this is my favourite language. <3

15 Oct, 2021 02:05

*unintelligible noises of gratitude and shy embarrassment*

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