Leichi Tea (lɑ́jʧɪj)

Leichi Tea, commonly referred to as "Dynasty Tea", is a form of uncaffeinated mushroom tisane which is commonly drank when one becomes an adult in Adrausii culture. This tea, as well as the ritual surrounding it, is believed to both bring one closer to their their family through shared experience and grant the drinker the ability to commune with their long dead ancestors.   The ritual, [to be named later], is a ritual that was first recorded in through oral tradition in antiquity as a means of acceptance into ones tribe or clan. In modern day, the ritual is held on the individual's 17th birthday. Family members gather together and celebrate with a large feast centered around Adrausii cultural foods such as beef, lamb, rice, grains, and various vegetables.   Before anyone can eat, the individual who is being celebrated, must consume the entire cup. Immediately following, the family begins prayer in an attempt to commune with spirits. Afterwards, the family feasts.   While the food of the feast is often different throughout both the country and the eras, Leichi tea has always remained a staple of the ritual as it intends to bring families closer together, to form a shared heritage, as well as a conclusive national identity.

Leichi Tea Recipe

100g mix, makes approximately 5-6 cups.
  • Leichi mushrooms - 5g
  • Clove - 20g
  • Cinnamon - 50g
  • Tumeric - 20g
  • Ginger - 5g
All ingredients are dried to help keep them preserved, as they are quite expensive to obtain.


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