Fried cicadas

Fried cicadas are symbolically related to Cicada3301 — an organization of unknown origin famous for using cryptographic puzzles. I mean, if you don't know that, Kali will make sure you remember by the end of this day.
— Zuzka to [HERO] at his initiation


The initiation to the Steganography Student Club "Stego" was celebrated every time a new member has passed a field test, usually consisting of a set of geocaching puzzles, connected to steganography and cryptography. The story goes that two high-school friends, namely Zuzka and Kali made elaborated plans for the future, when university life finally starts. The plan was devised and soon forgotten due to certain hardships. Zuzka managed to jump a year ahead of Kali and made preparations for the Student Club.

Interestingly the tradition to eat a fried cicada, when one passed the field test, was devised during summer holiday right before Kali's first semester would begin. Both friends went to check out an restaurant, which offered fried insects. While skimming through the menu, Kali exclaimed that there is a wide range of fried cicadas and that they should celebrate the initiation to "Stego" by eating thirty three and one, preferably one of each kind... and the one who was a step higher in the field test ranking chooses for the owner of the next place.

And thus, the one who comes last in the field test is left to the good will of the higher ranking fellow students. One must note, that good will is a rare quality in that particular case.

Time and place

The initiation takes place in Co To To Je restaurant (Warsaw, Nugat 7 Str) typically on a Fibonacci day, i.e., 01/01, 01/02 (02/01), 02/03 (03/02), 03/05 (05/03), 05/08 (08/05) or 13/08.

The dreaded test

The new member of the "Stego" club is expected to eat every one of thirty three and one cicadas that are picked by the colleagues. A typical choice is the tempura cicada and more often than not a very spicy one.

Fun facts

During the test members are often named as belonging to the red, blue or purple team. This reflects their behaviour and preferences of the fried cicadas. Red teamers prefer spicy types, blue teamers mellow. Purple teamers are odd balls, who like either with no particular likes or dislikes. The division into teams comes from the cybersecuroty terminology, where teams are divided into blue (defense), red (attack) and purple (a bit of both).


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