The Feast of Dricceokra

The Feast of Dricceokra is a rite of passage for young Void Walkers to usher them into full membership in the organization and their new careers.


The history of the feast is mostly unknown as it isn't clear when exactly it started or why, though theories state that it was used as a prank and at first. When it was adopted as an actual tradition for the organization it is said that it served as a final check to see if one was in fact resistant to the void.

Components and tools

The main component of the feast is the inclusion of Void Seekers meat as a main focal point of the meal. In fact the feast can not exist without the meat, as that is the entire point of the meal. How it is prepared differs based on the one doing the prep, but the ingridient must remain.


As many of the current Void Walkers as possible are expected to attend as this feast signifies new members joining the ranks. Also in attendence is the Pathfinder of the Void as they are expected to welcome in the new warriors in the defense of the empire. Of course the Trainees that are passing into recruit status must also all be in attendance.


This ritual only happens when five or more trainees have reached the point of becoming recruits. At that point preperations for the feast begin. The feast itself is held on a new moon, symbolic of The Void from which they protect the empire.
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