Communal Meal

The Church of the Coleopics has an innate ability to all those among the church. They can commune with the creatures of massive size, disscuss the world and its goings-on, and help to guide the people to the next stage in their world. The stage involving mixing their villages with the backs of the beetles. They do this, merely because they wish to see the people succeed in their desolate enviroment. Theirs is a will that they, often before large crowds of adoring fans, claim is something given to them by the great above and that must be fulfilled.

In my time I thought it was something that each of the people in the desert were born with, something that came from the sands and the heat inherently. It took some time, and a lot of research, but eventually I was able to determine that, no, in fact it is not something that people are born with. They are, instead, given a meal and through a mutation that comes from that meal, they learn the ability to commune with the creatures.

They do this in the form of the a great steak bowl, made from the meat of excess or dead bodies of the Gigantious Coleoptious. These must be willingly given and not taken without the consent of the beings involved. The elder leaders of the church attend to the process of the cooking, cleaning, and preparation of the materials for the newly inducted. These newly brought members of the church are sat before the Greatest Elder in their respective towns, and are given a steak bowl of the Coleoptious meat. Something about this meat confers a connection with the larger beings.
— Explorer Pentevile


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