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World of Arsteria

Second Age of Heroes

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Cover Image is Castle Glow River by J√¶cheol park   Generally focusing on the planet Baso.
  • Series Set in location:
  1. (SBUCS) Sea Breeze under a Crimson Sky

  2. Battle Mage of Mehonoris: The Changeling

Welcome to Arsteria, the land of Kings and Monsters, of Queens and Heroes. Here there be Adventure, and all are welcome to seek it! The world of Arsteria is incredibly similar to the world of earth, and does mirror it in several ways. Gravity for one, the crushing pace of time for another. The flora and fauna of our most common world are here and living their lives interwoven with the new mysticism.   From the farmer tending their fields, hoping for another good year of harvest, to the Imperial Mercenary, the Pere, protecting the lands... or extorting them when none are looking. These are untamed and uncharted lands with a history never discovered and horribly maligned with dangers. There were once societies of great magic and ingenuity, lost and hopefully recovered in time.   For the aspects of D&D and story telling, I use this world for most of my work, hoping to tie most things together in the same universe and on the same planet. The world is wide and yet uncharted, to the parts that are far too dangerous to be traveled. It's through deliberate and careful work that the world is bent to the whims of the characters and players of my world, Though they are also actively working against my wishes and going in their own directions, I do try my best to keep track of the goings-on.