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Ukessik: Foul Meal

Bitter, sour, and smelly, the ukessik is a fruit that few people in their right mind would want to eat. Animals avoid it, and infants cry when they're near it. It could explode if left detached in the sun for too long. In fact, it's not quite known how someone, let alone a culture, first came to eat from the plant. Perhaps it was a matter of desperation as the waters dried up. Whatever the origin, the ukessik is surprisingly edible, and brings no harm to the body if consumed. Granted, there is almost no nutritional value to the object, so it is very rarely eaten.

Still, just the mere attempt to eat it means a rejection of one's baser instincts, a level of self-control that can only be found in adulthood. And so, in Yukuric tradition, consumption of the ukessik is the first (and occasionally last) step towards maturity. At least, this is what the adults tell the children. There is a petty, sadistic side to Yukuric culture that enjoys watching people suffer as they once did when they were younger. No matter the reason, all regard the one who eats the ukessik as having made a pivotal step in their life.


The ukessik can be eaten raw, and it is encouraged that the ascendant do so (if only to amuse the onlookers). However, the ukessik can be prepared in any way so long as it is wholly consumed. It is said that elements used to mask the taste foreshadow elements of weakness in the participant's adulthood. Sugar means vulnerability, that more things can be used to undermine and undercut the consumer. Milk or additional water means cowardice, that the one who eats the ukessik with those will not dare to venture out for new ambitions. 

On the opposite end, elements used to make the dish even more unpalatable are said to be good omens for the future. Salt means a long and vigorous life. Horseradish means strength and power, usually in the physical sense but potentially in other ways.
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Aug 17, 2022 17:41

Not gonna lie, I am very curious about how the Ukessik would taste. The idea of eating something unpalatable to show that you have become an adult (and likely lost your tastebuds in the process) is hilarious. The added element of being able to prepare it differently to convey the life you would like to live or just to get on with things, makes this feel like it is better than a Tiktok challenge with some very funny results.