Diana May(Project Vessel)

Diana May (dai · a · nuh May)

Those who do not study the past are condemned to repeat it.

Diana May (a.k.a. Matrix of Reality)

An ancient proverb back on Earth was "Those who do not study the past are condemned to repeat it." While Eathen Historians have argued the significance of that proverb for millienia, it holds a grain of truth to it. And no one knows this better than Management's original Lab rat. Curious who they are? go ahead and take a seat, while I tell you about the one known as Project Vessel.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

While Dianna exists as a Pure Energy being due to her nature as the Vessel and can take on any form she so chooses, she tends to pick a normal humanoid appearance, with nothing really of note about it.

Body Features

When taking a physical form, Dianna typically takes on the form of an ordinary human female; nothing, if anything, is really of note about her humanoid form. Most people who pass her by would never realize there is anything special about her. But if calamity ensues, Dianna will take on a form that is anything but ordinary. Those who have seen it have given it names such as: "The light that saved the city beneath the Earth." "The Angel from Beyond," among other titles.

Identifying Characteristics

Depending on how close you are to her, you may notice a few oddities regarding Dianna's form. The first one of note would be her eyes which could be considered anything but human. Originally her left eye seemed to have a strange purple occult seal on it, while her right eye has a completely different blue occult symbol. After passing Lethe's trial and claiming her birthright, the purple seal on her left eye was broken to reveal a similar occult symbol to what is on her right eye.

Special abilities

As the Vessel Dianna holds a multitude of insanely powerful abilities, all of which have been enhanced immensely now that she has fully come into her own and claimed the power she was always destined to hold. Her most notable powers will be listed down below:

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Matrix of Reality

Due to being infused with the Matrix of Reality Fragment, Dianna potential is at nigh unprecedented levels, making her one of the very few true Omega Classes currently out there. With all 8 of her scores being at 56.25 Trillion, her total power sum is at 450T, making her one of the most powerful entities in the known realms. She is one of the only individuals who could easily go toe to toe with management and even have an advantage at that. The crystal infused within her also grants her a form of True Immortality, for as long as the Matrix of Reality Crystal is kept intact, she can never be fully killed off. A list of powers this form grants her is here
  • True Immortality: Due to the nature of the crystal infused within her, Dianna holds a Type 4 True Immortality curse, making it impossible for her to truly be killed off.
  • Supernatural Strength: Dianna has a strength score of 56.25 trillion, making her 56,249,999,999,995 times stronger than the baseline human and 56,249,999,999,960 times stronger than the strongest a corporeal form can be before undergoing their first ascension rite. Her maximum Carrying Capacity is a staggering 703 GigaTons or 703,125,000,000 TONS
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    Not bad for a young women such as herself now is it?
  • Supernatural Perception: Dianna has a perception score of 56.25 trillion, making her 56,249,999,999,995 times more perceptive than the baseline human and 56,249,999,999,960 times more perceptive than the most perceptive a corporeal form can be before undergoing their first ascension rite, with a Visual Acuity of 2250000000000000/20. This means she can see what a normal baseline human would be able to see at 20 feet away from a distance of 2250000000000000 feet or 426136363636.3636475 miles away from her.
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    She could even beat out Spiderman and Daredevil in this category and all without the pesky requirement of getting bit by a spider or becoming permanently blind.
  • Supernatural Endurance: Dianna has an Endurance score of 56.25 Trillion, allowing her to tank almost any blow with ease, making her for all practicle purposes completely invulnerable.
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    She even beats Gabbie and Elesis out in the Endurance department, though she seems to lack Elesis's masochism.
  • Supernatural Charisma: Dianna has a Charsima score of 56.25 trillion, allowing her to easily charm almost anyone in existence. Though as far as we are aware she has never chosen to use this particular power.
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    Though if she did decide to she could probably outcharm Lucifer himself with relative ease.
  • Supernatural Intellect: Dianna had been described as a "Prodigy unparalled" even before becoming the Vessel. Now that she has fully came into her own, she has an intellect score of 56.25 trillion giving her an IQ of 1,125,000,000,000,000. She was the first ever member to have passed every stage of the CIAP, besides the Chairman himself
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    She could easily run circles around Tony and Hank, and all without the patented Stark level Ego the former had.
  • Supernatural Agility: Dianna has an Agility score of 56.25 trillion, making her 56,249,999,999,995 times more agile than the baseline human and 56,249,999,999,960 times more agile than the most perceptive a corporeal form can be before undergoing their first ascension rite. This makes her top speed is 112,500,000,000,000 miles per hour or 167755.5 times the speed of light.
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    Which isn't exactly headpat speed but still leaves the flash and every other speedster in existence in the dust without even trying.
  • Supernatural Luck: Dianna has a Luck score of 56.25 trillion, making her quite possibly one of the luckiest people in existence.
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    She could very easily take Lucky Girl and Clover for a spin without much effort.
  • Supernatural Spirit: Dianna has a Spirit Score of 56.25 trillion, making her magical potential one of the highest on record, even exceeding that of Management. For all intents and purposes she has an inexahistible amount of energy at her disposal.
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    She could very easily give The Ancient one a run for their money in a battle of mystics, though the chairman would still likely surpass her.

Duality United

After successfully reconciling with the darkness within her, Dianna has united both her light and dark halves, granting her full access to both sides of the proverbial coin. Despite the fact both her light and dark halves have been united, its more akin to a fusion than an assimilation. This means that Dianna can speak with her other half, and use their combined knowledge and wisdom when deciding their next course of action.
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After all, they say two heads are better than one, don't they?

    Lightforce Manipulation
    Diana's light half is capable of nigh complete control of a substance known today as Lightforce. This grants diana access to a multitude of different abilities.
  • Light Energy Constructs: Diana can manifest constructs out of the Lightforce, making knifes, blades and even light spheres
  • Hope Manipulation: Diana can use Lightforce to Manipulate the Hopes of others. She can give hope back to those who have lost all of it, making sure they realize that not all hope is lost.
    • Hope Perception: When touching someone else, Diana is capable of viewing the hopes and dreams of others, allowing her to gain a better perspective on a target and even help the target fulfil their dream
  • Light of Eternity: Diana can heal anyone from the brink of death and even purify most forms of corruption from within a target. Thanks to her bond to Lethe, this power also allows her to resurrect someone from the dead.
  • Memory Reading: When working alongside her dark half they can use the combined powers of both the Darkforce and Lightforce to look into the memories of a target. When Diana dives into ones memories, Both her light and Dark halves manifest an avatar within the memory as an observer. They cannot alter the memory, but they can speak to the people in there. Making this technique more akin to creating a temporary samsara space than more typical methods of memory reading.
  • Combination with Darkforce: By working together with her other half and combining both the Darkforce and lightforce together Diana can unite both sides of the coin, potentially resulting in a multitude of effects, though it is currently unclear at this time what the result of this would be.

Darkforce Manipulation
Diana's Dark half is capable of nigh complete control of a substance known today as Darkforce. This grants diana access to a whole arsenal of different abilities.
  • Intangibility and Invisibility: Diana can utilize Darkforce to turn themselves completely invisible as well as manipulate their molecular makeup to allow them to become completely intangible. This allows her to be completely undetected if need be.
  • Matter Absorption: Diana is capable of turning material objects into Darkforce, before completely absorbing the object in question.
  • Energy Absorption: Diana can utilize Darkforce to absorb the energies around her, before concentrating her absorbed energy into a massive energy blast completely decimating anything in the path of the energy blast. It is currently unknown if Diana has any limits to how much she can absorb.
  • Darkforce Manifestation:Diana is capable of projecting darkforce manifestations. These normally would act like sentient shadows but as they are not forming from the same plane as Corruptix and the Fallen use, they are incapable of using these darkforce projections as a vector for their own manifestation.
  • Teleportation: Diana can use the Darkforce to teleport herself and others from one place or another, using the dark dimension as a vector to do so.
  • Fear Perception: Using the Darkforce, Diana can detect the fears of others by simply touching them, and can choose to either amplify them or with the help of her light half, replace their fears with hope instead, effectively curing them of their fear.
  • Darkforce Absorption: Diana can absorb others entirely into the darkforce, effectively causing them to be banished to the Dark Dimension.
  • Shadow of Darkness: Utilzing Darkforce, Diana is capable of a twisted form of necromancy, allowing her to raise the dead to aid her or any ally she wishes.
  • Combination with Lightforce: By working together with her other half and combining both the Darkforce and lightforce together Diana can unite both sides of the coin, potentially resulting in a multitude of effects, though it is currently unclear at this time what the result of this would be.

Herald Of Justice by Zaprez

Vessel of Modesty

After passing Gabriel, the Herald of Justice's test, he partially bound to Dianna granting her power on par with the Vessel of Justice. This bond also allowed her to fully unlock the Duality United form, fully uniting her two halves as one. This in turn gave her a major boost of power and allowed her to break the binds holding her potential back. After Twlight of Imagination in the year 4080, Gabriel was reunited with their sibilings. It is currently unknown if Dianna has kept the power boost Gabriel granted her, though she has in fact retained full access to Duality United regardless.

Chosen of Lethe

As the one who completed Lethe's trial, Dianna has acquired the bond to Oblivion itself, granting her unprecedented levels of destructive capability, while at the same time giving her unprecedented power to reform reality itself from the very void it came from. This in turn has boosted the power of her two incarnate forms immensely.    

Creation Incarnate

When taking on her Creation Incarnate form, Dianna has the power to repair and restore anything to its pristine state, even introducing life back to a world once desolate. She can also restore life to those who are on the brink of death, and even resurrect those who have passed on. She also can purify any corruption one might hold, breaking any curse the target has with relative ease, with the sole exceptions being True Immortality Curses like the Curse of Sin, or the Phoenix Curse, as well as the Corruptix. Due to her bond to Oblivion, this form now can create directly from the void itself, instead of just restoring damages. All of her abilities also have been given an efficiency boost by a factor of 9001.
  • Localized Material Manipulation: Diana is capable of creating matter from the very depths of oblivion itself, although she does not have the same level of control over the material plane as the material keeper does, if the Material keeper decides to aid her, this power is made exponentially more potent
  • Localized Nature Manipulation: Diana is capable of manipulating and creating nature on even the most desolate of planes, though without the aid of either The Druid of Life or Gaia's Guardian, her effects will vanish after she leaves the area.
  • Purifying Light: Using both the Lightforce and the powers of Creation, Diana is capable of purifying away almost any form of corruption as well as break almost every curse with relative ease.
  • Existence Manipulation: Due to passing Lethe's trial Diana's creation incarnate form has been upgraded to be capable of performing existence manipulation, allowing her a level of control over existence that is completely unparalleled.

Destruction Incarnate

When Taking on her Destruction Incarnate form, Dianna is capable of doing unprecedented levels of destruction, with every single attack of hers now being Oblivion based damage, a hybrid of true and pure damage that can completely bypass any and all immunities a target might have, as well as completely shred through any and all defenses. Using this form she can easily shatter a planet with a simple punch, and can even damage the very fabric of reality itself if she so chooses. Due to her bond with Oblivion her attacks in this form have now been boosted by a factor of 9001, making her truly a force to be reckoned with.
  • The Flames of Destruction: In her Destruction Incarnate form, Diana is entirely enveloped in the Purple flame, allowing her to absolutely decimate anywhere she wishes. She also is completely immune to the Purple Flame while in this form.
    • Zeroth Power: Oblivion Demise: Diana's Destruction Incarnate form transforms from being enveloped in Purple Flames to being completely enveloped in strange starry black flames, it is unknown exactly what these flames are capable of.
  • Nothingness Manipulation: Due to passing Lethe's test, Diana's Destruction Incarnate form has been upgraded to be capable of performing Nothingness manipulation, giving her unprecedented control over the very void itself. She can turn what she wishes back into the void it sprung up from.

Σκάφος έργου

As Project Vessel, Dianna exists as a being of Pure Energy. As such she can completely remake her physical form on the fly, along with a few other abilities.
  • Complete Physical Immunity: As an Ethereal, Diana cannot be hurt by purely physical attacks, as Ethereals have no physical form to attack to begin with.
  • The Light from Heaven: Diana can produce concentrated energy blasts capable of obliterating almost any target. To those on the ground this particular attack will look like a bright light came from the heavens and obliterated the targets. This has caused Diana to gain a multitude of titles from those she saved using this attack, the most notable one being "A light that saved the city beneath the Earth."
  • Energy Transference: Diana can transfer some of her energy to a target, giving them a quick jolt of energy when they most need it.
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    Sometimes quite literally like when she shocked Damien back to life from overusing his power back in Evrai.
    She is also capable of absorbing energy from others, one example of this was when she attempted to absorb the Houkai Energy from Haru when they were about to be taken over by Jizo Mitama
  • Protector of the Realms: Diana can form a shield dome around a target, protecting them from harm. This dome will absorb and redirect any damage dealt to it, while keeping those inside completely safe from harm as long as the barrier is intact.

Apparel & Accessories

Dianna has always been seen wearing a Collective Standard issue WATCH, designed to look like its an ordinary timepiece. Before Hannah's 18th birthday, Dianna was also wearing a necklace around her neck, given to her by Haruhiko back before Twilight of Imagination. This heirloom has since been passed down to Hannah as of the year 4131 though.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

To improve readability, we have decided to split this section into "Chapters," as it were. Each section will have a Header above it which you can access from the Table of Contents for this entry.

Chapter 1: Origins

Dianna was born Diana May to a seemingly ordinary family in a secluded part of the Exclusion Zone, known only as The Soul Kiln. From an early age, Dianna showed near-unprecedented intellectual prowess, having graduated from high school at the age of 10 and already had a Ph.D. by the age of 12. Her Genius did not go unnoticed among her peers, and most ended up ostracizing her out of jealousy. At the age of 18, she got into a fight with her parents over ideological conflicts and subsequently moved out of her own volition. Most of her friends and family then abandoned her entirely, except for one, ████████ ██████, who she bonded with over their shared similarities. ████████ pushed her to look beyond what the colleges would be capable of teaching her, telling her that if she wanted to prove her theories right, she would also need to prove mainstream science wrong. After the last of her other friends and family entirely abandoned her, she took ████████'s offer and used the grant money she was provided for a field of her choice to create a lab to study the nature of dark matter. In her studies, she inadvertently discovered the Void and decided to open a portal to what she posited was an empty dimension where she could more safely conduct her experiments.

Chapter 2: Birth of the Vessel

Unfortunately this dimension was all but empty and instead she managed to break into The Epicenter of the metaverse itself. Diana was then swiftly captured by Management and taken to a secret lab within the Epicenter, where she was injected with the Matrix of Reality fragment. In that experiment, who she once was, should have all but died that day. All that was supposed to be left was the Vessel and her defining directive to save those who could not save themselves. Strangely though, whether by coincidence or providence, she maintained a fragment of her former self, thanks to the effect Haruhiko had on the previous Vessel. This then affected her current incarnation, which began to go by Dianna instead of just "The Vessel."

Chapter 3: A warning ignored

After spending a ton of time watching from the sidelines, only showing up to save others and then disappearing just as quickly, Haruhiko sacrificed himself to prevent Kizuna from inadvertently causing the next cycle to start. Dianna couldn't allow herself to let him die, so she intervened at the last moment and brought Haru to the cradle, injecting a serum in him to temporarily keep him from degrading. It was at that moment that Dianna's previous self had resurfaced. No longer was she just a program meant to keep everyone safe; with her capability to feel having been unlocked, her human self entirely resurfaced, and with it, her wish to keep everyone safe from the most dangerous threat of all, herself. But something still kept her from going to where Haru was. Management warned her of the consequences of tampering with the grand design and corrupting her program. After Damien was forced to pull a hail mary move to keep ERROR: DATA CORRUPTED from sucking Black and the rest of the particle synthetics into the theta sealing rune, Dianna showed up on Evrai under the guise of her energy form to stabilize Damien, in which Damien accidentally blew her cover and let Haru know she was there. When Damien and the others were going to return to Dimension K, Dianna hesitated at first, given the warnings she was given by Management. Skips decided to give her some advice, and she entered Dimension K with the rest of them. When the Overseer decided to abuse the Pen to breach the defenses of the metaverse allowing hellish creatures to arrive, Dianna immediately worked to attempt to contain the creatures, eventually leaving DimK entirely to try and protect those at risk. Unfortunately Damien activated LD protocol and was incapable of disabling it himself, effectively locking Dianna out. After the danger levels dropped below 8666 morts, LD protocol automatically disengaged, allowing Dianna to re-enter Dimension K.

Chapter 4: Meeting the Gatekeepers

After Dianna returned to Dimension K, Dianna and Haru went to the Obelisk to meet with those from the Gummi ship. While there, Haru and Dianna learned just how bad things were getting back where the gummi ship came from. It was then revealed that Haruhiko's sister was consumed by a Fallen Prime Celestial known as Golb. Dianna realized that the Fallen Prime Celestial was dangerous but that there was a unique opportunity in the works, as the Overseer's blunder allowed all of these forces they were dealing with to be sent over to our side. While Dianna was working on a game plan with the gatekeepers, she started to reel as a minor shockwave was felt. While Dianna was trying to figure out what happened, her dark half got fed up with the ignorance her light half had of her own past and partially split from her to berate her. Haru was confused about who that was, and Dark Dianna explained that she was the part of her Dianna refuses to tap into, turning her from the strongest entity in the metaverse to a "pretty shitty sigma." Haru agreed with her dark half about who she had become, which upset Dianna, who went to get some air outside the Obelisk. Haru went to follow them to apologize. Dianna decided it would be wise to show Haru the truth regarding her origin and sent them both deep within the vessel framework's memory-scape. After they both returned, a crash was heard as it seemed the gummi ship was broken into with most of the files destroyed and the Tracer Suit stolen. Dianna and Haru decided the only way to restore the lost data was to bring the owner of the Gummi Ship, Dr.Nekomasu, to the gummi ship. Which turned out to be a slight problem, given her memory was wiped when becoming a Particle Synthetic, reducing her to a child-like demeanor. Suisei luckily held her memories in a black box device she was handed by Nekomasu, so Dianna and Haru went into DimK to retrieve Nekomasu and then returned to the Obelisk with them. They then used the black box to give Dr. Nekomasu her memories back again. She then restored all the data destroyed from the break-in. Dianna realized there wasn't a better time to try and convince Haru to undergo the procedure to save his life. She sent Dr. Nekomasu, Haru, and herself into the mirror dimension to inform Dr. Nekomasu that Haru was dying. Dr. Nekomasu insisted that the barrier be dropped so she could inform the others there what was happening, which succeeded in convincing Haru to allow Damien to save him. Dr. Nekomasu then took her memories and placed them back in the black box, reverting to her child persona.

Chapter 5: Harmony Festival

The three of them then left back to DimK, allowing Damien to save Haru's life. A bit later, Haru and Dianna went to Elrios for the harmony festival. Damien spent most of his time trying to resurrect 4 Chosens that had perished during the previous invasions over that past 65 years. Dianna instead focused on attempting to keep the invading demons from The Nine Demon Realms. Unfortunately, she couldn't do much to stop the invaders, as she refused to tap into any of her offensive abilities. Eventually, her inability to help deal with the demons got to her, and she punched the ground, causing a shockwave to emanate, sending the demons hurtling across the dimensions. After the Zeta blast Eliza Branwen made killed off all the invaders, she left to "get some air" and nearly lost herself to her own darkness. Haru went there with Kizuna AI to distract her and managed to stop her from losing herself. Haru and the others were called back to the watchtower because the death of Elria set many events into motion. While there though, ERROR: DATA CORRUPTED got possessed by ERROR: DATA CORRUPTED who tried to kill Kizuna, which resulted in awakening her "Unverse" self. Kizuna ended up in a coma after an unknown series of events occurred inside ERROR: DATA CORRUPTED's head. Damien took Kizuna and the others back into DimK trying to figure out how to fix it himself. Haru asked Dianna to grab a piece of equipment from the others at the Obelisk that would be required to stop the Unverse inside Kizuna. Dianna took the device and entered a samsara space with Haru and Damien, where their minds linked temporarily. Only Damien, Haru, and Dianna know what they saw during the link, but it caused a noticeable change in how Dianna acted before. However, it was originally a very subtle change. After they succeeded in preventing Kizuna from unversing fully, Damien accidentally invited Black back into DimK as she requested an invite to deal with the Unverse.
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As per usual, she was a little late to the punch.
Black re-entered DimK to reveal that David had relinquished control of her, though it was unclear at the time why David would willingly relinquish control of one of their pawns. While Black was there, she inadvertently caused Emma to reveal their name. It was also discovered that David had extracted two crystals from the battle that caused Kizuna to Universe.

Chapter 6: Hanaka's Return

A few days later, Hanaka Tosaki showed up inside the DimK after appearing within my chamber, allowing Hanaka and Haru to reunite for the first time in an uncountable amount of time. Leonardo Watch, Damien, Haru, and Hanaka then headed to the Obelisk to meet up with the others that were hiding out there, The group of individuals who call themselves the gatekeepers. The Gatekeepers presumed she was dead, consumed by the Fallen Prime Celestial of Entropy, so her return was a pretty massive shock to them all. A few moments later, a mirror barrier reveals what they started discussing. Only Dianna and the others know what happened while the barrier was up, but as soon as it fell back down, one of Management paid them a visit and attempted to remove Leo's memory of what they discussed. Hanaka managed to convince them to allow Leo to keep their memories, though they left her with a cryptic warning about deconstructing the "Veil" they had created.

Chapter 7: A promise made

A little bit later on, Dianna and Haru decided to hang out back in the Gardens of Dimension K. It's there where Dianna made a promise to Haru to go back "home" with Haru if they are given a chance. Haru then passed down a gift to her, a necklace pendant that was said to protect those who wear it. Unfortunately, before anything could happen, Black ruined the moment and handed Haru something as it seemed they got a call from someone else who was discussing the fact that some cultists were trying to "take down the barriers and launch a full-scale invasion from the other side." It's unclear what they meant by that, but it clearly caused Dianna some distress as they quickly left Dimension K and headed elsewhere before dropping off the radar completely. She reappeared back on the radar and went back to where Haru was. Haru seemed to have realized something was amiss with how Dianna was acting.
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Though it took Black pointing out that she was "acting out of character" for him to realize.
He confronted her, and Dianna quickly dismissed any of his concerns before teasing him about the fact he was worried about her. Since Haru gave Dianna something, Dianna decided she should give something to Haru in return, their first kiss.
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Haru did not anticipate what that gift would be, though, which made their reaction absolutely priceless.
After Haru's shock wore off, Dianna and Haru relaxed for a bit more time before Dianna's watch started blaring an air raid siren to let them know it was dinner time.
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Apparently, Damien made the mistake of sending the SOS ping instead of the ping he was supposed to send to ping those two with.
Haru and Dianna headed into the kitchen to learn that Damien had restored Kizuna and the other Particle Synthetics Memories before sitting down for dinner. At the end of Dinner, Kaguya decided to challenge Black to a rap battle, and despite Kizuna and the Other's objections, Black agreed and started singing silent night.
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Which Kaguya chose to sing the most cursed version of that song I have ever heard.
After Kaguya was done with her rap battle. Damien asked Kaguya where she came up with it, and Kaguya tried to claim she had come up with it herself. Damien then pulled up a file on the Origin-Net, revealing the song's original version.
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And as Damien and the others agreed. Kaguya singing it was an improvement compared to the 11 drunk men who originally did, as Kaguya can actually sing.
Damien then shut off the connection saying, "The less time we spend on the origin-net, the better," to which Dianna and Leo instantly agreed. Damien then revealed he made dessert for Kizuna and the others to celebrate their Memories being unsealed. Which prompted Siro and the others to do a baking contest to see who could make the best pies. While the others were working on their Pies, Dianna returned to her room as she felt like trying a new outfit...


Dianna holds several PHDs from MIT back on Earth Omega in the EZ. She got her first one at age 12 and got the rest within the years following. After passing into the Metaverse, she continues her Studies at The Collective Institute of Scientific Development, Exploration and Technological Advancement, better known as the institute.
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Because even super-geniuses know when a name is too much of a mouthful to use in conversation, and as Lilly put it, the acronym for this place makes OWCA actually sound cool in comparison


Before entering the Collective, she started out as a researcher specializing in Dimensional Physics. She helped pioneer the field of Dimensional transmission for her world as part of an independent team contracted by the US government.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Dianna has been responsible for preventing many calamities from occuring as her role as the Vessel. She saved the lives of countless individuals over the years.

Failures & Embarrassments

Depiste the fact the Dianna has unparalleled levels of power, her power is in-fact a double edged sword. If she loses control over herself, a much darker version of her will take over, turning her from the metaversal savior to its greatest threat yet. A fantastic example of that occuring would be when GS tried to kill Haru. Dianna quickly inversed and nearly burned down the entirety of Elysian.

Mental Trauma

Even before becoming the Vessel, Dianna's life was not a cakewalk. Because of her remarkable intellect, most of her friends and family began to ostracise her out of jealousy. The Only friend she still had ████ helped push her onto the path that turned her into the Vessel. Her troubles did not end when becoming the Vessel either. As a side effect of the experiment that turned her into The Vessel, her personality split into two. A light half and a dark half. The Light half wanted nothing to do with her new powers and only used them when she absolutely had to. Her dark half wanted to gain complete control over the form they share so she could take revenge on the ones who turned her into this experiment. Because of this, Dianna flat-out refused to tap into her complete power set, afraid that her darkness would gain control. Management also forbade her from getting attached to anyone, knowing that her darkness would likely use them to gain complete control. This meant that Dianna spent several eons of time wandering the cosmos alone, her only constant companions being the flames inhabiting the Cradle she called home.

Intellectual Characteristics

Dianna has been described as a "Prodigy beyond Parallel" and "The Worlds Greatest Supergenius." She graduated high school at age 10 and got her first Ph.D. by age 12. By the time she ended up working at the Collective, she already had 15 PHDs to her name; she had the highest IQ on record back home and quickly drew the attention of every organization existing on her planet and those beyond.

Personality Characteristics


While Dianna holds power that can rival even the likes of Management, in actuality, she never wants to use it. She wanted more than anything to go back to an ordinary life, even if it meant losing her powers. At least, that's what she wanted initially. Recently though, it seems Dianna has gained a reason to continue fighting. While she was once fighting solely because that was her purpose. She now has someone to fight for. Something to protect. And she won't let anything or anyone stand in her way in protecting those she cares about.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Holds Genius level skills at pretty much every subject, has quite possibly the worst possible case of inferiority complex

Likes & Dislikes

  • Lotus Flower
  • Fruit Punch
  • Spaghetti
  • Dislikes:
  • People hurting those she cares about
  • Virtues & Personality perks

    Dianna is quite possibly the most powerful entity in the Nexus, surpassing even Management themselves with her power. She also is quite possibly one of the smartest indivduals in existence, second only to The Chairman himself.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Despite holding unparalleled levels of power, she would rather never have been given it. All of the worlds she has saved believe she's a Savior, but she herself believes there is nothing special about her at all. She thinks she is just a lab rat, an experiment that should have been terminated ages ago. In fact, if she had to pick between her life or the life of someone else, she would not hesitate to end her own life to protect the inhabitants of this reality. Because of this, she is considered to have the worst inferiority complex in all of existence.


    Diana May


    Towards Haruhiko Tosaki

    Haruhiko Tosaki


    Towards Diana May

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    This is an entry about an individual who's story is only just begun and will be expanded upon regularly. Be sure to check back often as there might be new things to learn about this particular individual.

    After Several ages of time, Diana May has finally come into her own, they are no longer Project Vessel, Management's first lab rat, they have truly become The Matrix of Reality, as they were always destined to be.

    Character Location
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    Known Aliases
    The Vessel
    Matrix of Reality
    Codex Personnel ID
    Power Classification
    Bound Form:
    Unbound Form:
    Favorite Song
    Current Location
    Biological Age: 23, Chronological Age: Unknown
    Date of Birth
    July 15th 2027 A5
    Circumstances of Birth
    The Soul Kiln
    Haruhiko Tosaki (spouse)
    Current Residence
    Dimension K
    Glowing Blue with a hint of purple, and a strange symbol overlaid over the iris
    Brown hair styled in a messy ponytail with side-parted wispy bangs
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Lightly tanned white.
    5'5 but could be variable
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    "I’m not some savior, I’m not some angelic being. I’m not a celestial, I’m not a goddess, and I’m certainly not a chosen. I’m a mistake, one that should have died long before this all started." "I’m no one special. I don’t deserve any of the power I already have, and I certainly don’t deserve anymore given to me. All I’ve managed to do was cause people pain and suffering. I should have died alongside him." "I’m nothing but a failed experiment created by those two. Surely your Celestial brethren could be of more use than me."
    Aligned Organization
    Founded Settlements

    Cover image: Diana May(Matrix of Reality)
    Character Portrait image: Diana May(Matrix of Reality)


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