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Valentine Myers | Member Since 16 Feb, 2018
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Fiore Choi-Yun

Gervais Wen

Interests & Hobbies

I like Drawing, even if i'm not that good at it yet, along with anything relating to D&D, which is why I take my D&D homebrew world and want to write stories about it~

Favorite Movies

My favorite movies are The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Shape of Water, Into the Spider-verse, and Clue.

Favorite TV Series

I'm a big fan of The Owl House, Golden Girls, and Baccano! I'm also a fan of slice-of-life fantasy anime, such as Princess Connect and Restaurant to Another World.

Favorite Books

I don't get a lot of reading done, but I enjoy reading mystery novels, fantasy stories, and of course my own writing (when I actually get it done)! I hope to get to reading more Anvilites manuscripts as well!

Favorite Games

Pokemon Platinum, Dragon Quest 9, and Hades


Latest Loved work

Helsvuht System

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