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Queen Anna

Queen Anna Catcott (a.k.a. The Bloody Queen)

"They said a women could never lead the Council. I intend on proving them wrong with every step I take."   ~ Queen Anna, Inauguration Speech



When Queen Anna took control of the Council of the Nine she immediately set out to oppress the other churches to ensure she stayed in power. She manipulated the courts and the citizens through her constant planning and manipulation of the economy. Though many of the church do not like Queen Anna the citizens of Tov-Ran have loved her for her ability to keep the Verdant Jungle from growing and the lower tax rates she's implemented through Tov-Ran.

Contacts & Relations

Queen Anna is in constant contact with the heads of the other churches in the Council of the Nine. She does also have allies in the continent of Safel and Utagosh. Her most notable relationship is between Chlidor Fury of the Tempest, the leader of Utagosh, and Archduke Enis Counsellor of the Church of Asmodeus.

Religious Views

Queen Anna is a follower of the Bloody King and is currently the highest ranking Knight in the Church. She is a strict follower of the Bloody King tenants and severely punishes any of the churches that defy her orders. Even though she controls the entirety of Tov-Ran she tries to actively conquer cities with her own personal army. During her deceleration of war she manipulates the laws to ensure the least amount of resistance. If she really wish to test her metal she will challenge other churches into stopping her.


Queen Anna is an articulate women who will ensure that everyone knows that she controls the room. She will manipulate the conversation using more complex words to make her counterpart uncomfortable and uneasy.
Long, Raven Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
140 lbs
Bloody King
Aligned Organization


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