Council of the Nine

"Aedran has never known a more powerful religion in the world. Opposing ideals banding together under a single name is terrifying. What's worse is that they're very organized and civilized with no signs of destroying each other anytime soon."   ~ Unknown Scout of the Bloody Fangs

Divine Origins

During an excavation for a church to the Storm Lord a hidden tomb was discovered. As the acolytes explored the tomb, losing many of the congregation to traps and other hazards, the tombs treasures were recovered. Amongst the gems and coins there was a tome that none of the congregation could read. This tome was transported to Rutgar to the Head Archivist of the Cobalt archive. After months of translating the Archivist was able to decipher a fraction of the tome before her life was claimed during the siege of Rutgar.   Those notes, and scraps of the tome, were taken by her Apprentice, Scribe Cornelius, as he fled north towards the country now known as the Republic of Nietorum. During his sanctuary Cornelius studied the notes and attempted to decipher more of the tome. After another year of work Cornelius discovered portions of the tome talked about nine beings that reign supreme above all others.   With the discovery of this new found text Cornelius made a pilgrimage to the other faiths. Presenting the text to the head of the Dawn Marshal and Storm Lord's churches the first members of the Council of the Nine joined. Two other churches joined to council shortly after the Dwarven God of Creation Moradin and the Elven God of Magic Selanar. The four evil divine creatures were more difficult to get to agreeing with the forming of the Council. With the assistance of Asmodeus the final Gods joined the Council. The Council of the Nine was now fully formed right at the tail end of the Age of War.
Governmental, Ministry
Government System
Notable Members


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