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General Bleakwing

General Bleakwing (a.k.a. Redfeather, Redtail, Rosewing, Ironwing)

Bleakwing has had both ups and downs through his life. A ratite from the Silver Isles, he climbed up through the ranks of the Silver Armada during the Age of War. With a combination of bravery and leadership skills, he eventually became a respected and beloved general of the army. But the very same traits that had carried him so far would eventually lead to his downfall.   As the Age of War rattled on, armies became more and more reliant on techno-magical super weapons, summoned creatures of terrifying strength and other arcane devices that made mincemeat of ordinary troops. The Silver Armade was no different, as the idea of investigating avenues of enhancing their soldiers to match the weapons that were now so common began making the rounds. Bleakwing, then known as Ironwing, protested any notion of super soldier experimentation as being too risky and also fought against an increasingly prevailing opinion that the common soldiers were meant to serve and even die for the cause.   This made Bleakwing unpopular among many of his equals and superiors, for whom victory in the war was more important that any soldier's life. Eventually, a conspiracy formed. Bleakwing was deceived and shipped to a foreign facility, where he would end up undergoing a number of torturous procedures. These experiments would only end when Bleakwing managed to free himself, leading to a series of disaterous events that would create the Toxic Zone in Freeland.   The former general still lives in the poisoned ruins of his one-time prison, occasionally looking towards the horizon to ponder if there really is anything out there still worth fighting for.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Bleakwings strength and sturdienss have been boosted by the procedures, leaving him supernaturally powerful in those regards. However, a combination of old war injuries and the way he was mangled by the experiments means he has to move with deliberation and care.

Body Features

Bleakwing has acquired quite a number of injuries. His left eye is heavily damaged, making him near blind. His beak has suffered notabable chips, making it frailer and harder to use. Internal damage causes the occasionally flare of pain and hardness of breath. His right wing has suffered a blow that has left the bones there cracked. His legs and feet are covered in scars and have suffered multiple fratures, with his right leg especially suffering from harm, causing him to limp.

Identifying Characteristics

To identify his newly improved toxicity, the scientists experimenting on him permanently bleached several of his feathers, creating visible skull symbols as a warning. The experiments also left him at a massively increased size compared to his fellows. And to his concern, he still seems to be growing.

Special abilities

Ratites are by nature skilled dancers and Bleakwing is no exception. As a commander, he learned how to use his sensuality and sexuality as tools to encourage high morale and loyalty. He'd often put on extragavant shows for his soldiers, something he found to have a positive effect, inspiring them and even helping them bounce back from injuries or defeat.   A long career of leadership has made Bleakwing very protective of his people, even if he hasn't commanded anyone in decades. He knows how to inspire, but also how to be inspired. The thought of failing those under his command can drive Bleakwing to spectacular acts of courage and nightmare-inducing acts of brutality.   Pink ratites produce within their bodies a potent gas that is enhanced by their own inherent magic. This gas was one of the targets of the experiments, to enhance it for use in combat with infusions of dark magic. At its current stage, the poisonous gas causes extreme reactions in living organisms, including disruptions of tissue, liquid build-up in lungs and notable pain in eyes, ears, nose and mouth, among other symptoms. The psychological impact alone cannot be understated, as panic reactions are very likely, but the gas is dangerous enough that it can even kill within seconds should an unfortunate soul inhale a concentrated enough dose.   And given that Bleakwing is more than capable of holding a target in place inbetween skill, size and great strength, he is more than capable of delivering a deadly dose, the threat of which serves as an effective intimidation tactic.   The alterations done to his body also allows him to absorb poisons, toxins, dark magic and similar in a way that is beneficial to his health. This has made his natural musk even stronger and even more nausea inducing to anyone trying to take a bite out of him. A side-effect was that it altered his body's metabolism, reducing his need for food and liquid.   Bleakwing's natural magic has also been altered by the experiment. His ratistar spell, a spell red ratites are born with knowledge of, has become a dark and twisted thing the burries targets in a corrupt, tar-like substance.

Apparel & Accessories

Bleakwing still wears his service cap, though it has been modified to bear his new name. He also has access to a suit of now heavily customized, high-tech, impact absorbing power armour developed by the Silver Armada's R&D department, which he has named the Wing Guard. This advanced armour covers most of his body when worn, except his wings, feet and rear. Over the years after his breakout, he's been working on both to allow him to wear them despite his increased body size.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bleakwing, named Redfeather by his parents, was born to a loving family in the year 372 AW and spend most of his childhood in the fishing town of Hookbay. As he grew older, he'd start earning his own money by helping out with various odd-jobs and became a respected figure of the local community.   In the year 385 AW, Bleakwing became enamored with the Silver Armada. He'd watch them sail the local waters and patrol the town, eventually even making an imitation uniform.   To nobody's surprise, he enlisted in 388 AW, changing his name to Redtail in the process. After completing his basic training in 389 AW, he was shipped off to the planet Dunia.   In 390 AW, Bleakwing was present when Fort Stonewall was besieged by first one, then two enemy armies, respectively the Sarkine and the Ozgolok orcs. While the fort was lost, Bleakwing helped rally many of the defenders and helped them fall back. It was here that his superiors noted his skills in leadership and talent for inspiring others, even during dangerous situations.   In 392 AW, Bleakwing had been promoted to the rank of captain and was ordered to lead one of many teams into the depths of Intaba Enkulu. He managed to keep most of his team safe and with minimal casualties, facing a number of various monsters and horrors of the depths. While his team did not manage to find what his superiors were looking for, he was commended for his resourcefulness and leadership skills.   In 395 AW, Bleakwing participated in the Battle of Hellfire Ridge, where he'd be ordered to hold the lines against a clan of demon-worshipping orcs. The ratite managed to hold out against not only the orc warlocks and their summoned demons, but also increasingly hostile conditions, when even the weather itself started to turn against them. After three days of this, a second allied group managed to disrupt the summonings and help turn the tide. The experiences of that day helped the ratite earn their second color and they took the name Rosewing to go with it.   In 400 AW, he had been promoted to major and served under brigadier Abigail Pursglove at Fort Green. The fortification found itself suddenly caught in a pincer attack, caught between two hostile factions. Abigail died defending the fort, leaving Bleakwing in charge of evacuation efforts, as the position quickly became indefensible.   In 403 AW, Bleakwing led a number of succesful sorties against enemy positions and earned a Medal of Distinction for courage under fire and leadership under adverse conditions. It was during this time he formed the Iron Herd, his own personal unit of trained ratites.   By 405 AW, the conditions of the war meant that increasingly, supernatural foes like demons or undead were released on the battlefield en masse. Bleakwing had been promoted to major general, quickly rising in rank and became known for his daring but effective strategies, that allowed him to turn the odds against even incredibly dangerous foes. Even so, it became clear that his superiors were more and more concerned with developing new weapons.   In 410 AW, Bleakwing was promoted to lieutenant general and participated in the Battle of Daikodama. This massive battle lasted days and nights and has been described by historians as one of the most cataclysmic battles of the Age of War. By the time dust settled, Bleakwing found himself on the winning side, if only barely. He had also earned the rank of general during the conflict and chose to commemorate the event by taking the name Ironwing.   In 433 AW, more and more Bleakwing found himself having to use his political clout to protect his country's soldiers from experimentation. As the fortunes of war went against them and more powerful weapons were designed, summon or unleashed, common troops were increasingly getting slaughtered. Thus, experiments to improve said soldiers became more and more tempting. But Bleakwing found the notion disrespectful and fought it beak and talon.   In 437 AW, Bleakwing agreed to a compromise. He'd journey to an installation to have an experimental procedure performed on him, with the promise that further experimentation would only commence if this one was deemed successful.   In 438 AW, the experiments commenced. The projects goal was to enhance and draw upon some of Bleakwing's own inherent magic properties to turn him into a potent weapon. However, these procedures were not only incredibly invasive, but also painful. When Bleakwing tried to have them halted, he learned the truth. He had made political enemies with his constant advocating for the troops, enemies more interested in victory than what a victory would cost. As such, Bleakwing was not to ever leave the facility, but instead provide useful data as a lab rat. Consecutive experiments would eventually alter his body permanently in many ways.   In 485 AW, after another round of experimentations, Bleakwing snapped. A mixture of pain, hate and drugs fueled his breakout, leading to combat with the installation's security. During the battle, several tankards of experimental weapons-grade poison gas were ruptured. At this point, Bleakwing was immune to it, but the staff at the base was not so lucky. The heavy toxins contaminated the entire area surrounding the facility, creating the Toxic Zone. Unsure if there even was a nation to return to at this point, Bleakwing took his current name and opted to stay at the devastated facility.

Gender Identity

Bleakwing identifies as male.


Pansexual. Bleakwing does not believe that rank should be a barrier to intimacy and indeed, even believes it helps keep morale up to reward his troops with sex for good performances or just to cheer them up.


Bleakwing received some basic school while living in Hookbay. Beyond his one year of training at the military, he's also taken some additional courses to improve his leadership and knowledge of modern tactics/equipment when time permitted.


Bleakwing was employed in the Silver Armada, rising all the way from recruit to general.

Accomplishments & Achievements

In 390 AW at the Battle of Six Forts, after the loss of Fort Stonewall, Bleakwing managed to organize a rescue of several fellow soldiers who were held captive against the orders of his superiors. The success of the daring manouver and the resulting boost to morale was such that Bleakwing received nothing more than a mild rebuke from his superiors.   Earning the rank of general in 410 AW during the Battle of Daikodama was a massive personal achievement.

Failures & Embarrassments

While Bleakwing was not responsible, the loss of Fort Stonewall in 390 AW was his first taste of defeat. It was an embarrasment for the Silver Armada, as the fort managed to get surrounded by two groups of the very orcs they had been hunting. Not only that, the orcs were significantly worse equipped and, according to intel, suffering from some degree of infighting between leaders. This did not stop them from taking Fort Stonewall and keeping it. During this battle, Bleakwing personally fought one of the orc leaders commanding the assault, Ugak the Stormcaller, who managed to break his right leg with a strike of her enchanted mace.   Allowing himself to be tricked into becoming a guinea pig, putting him in a position where he was no longer able to protect the people under his former command, is a great source of personal shame.

Mental Trauma

The experimentation left deep, mental scars in the avian's mind. Random flashes of rage, hate and anger makes it occasionally hard for him to properly focus and the cocktails of drugs has slowed his mind somewhat. While ratites are normally quite resistant to pain, the invasive surgeries and procedures were such that even Bleakwing experienced extremes of agony, leading him to developing algophobia. Getting called by his older name, Ironwing, is a potent trigger that brings up a lot of his suppressed fury and hate.

Intellectual Characteristics

Despite the damage to his mind, Bleakwing remains sharp, observant and strategic. While his memory has developed holes and his isolation has left him without proper socialization for decades, he remains both insightful and charismatic.

Morality & Philosophy

Bleakwing believes deeply in the responsibility of leadership. A leader's job is to lead, not to be served, as he would put it. He understands that sacrifices and death are part of warfare, but believes that one should endavour to minimize casualties where possible and respect any sacrifice that has to be made. These ideals persist even in his current state, though they have now also been accompanied by a new belief in bloody retribution.


Abuse of authority. Bleakwing can accept that people in charge makes mistakes, but intentional abuse of subordinates infuriates him.   He avoids relying too much on the new abilities granted by the experiments, as he feels that overuse would, on some level, validate what was done to him.

Personality Characteristics


Bleakwing heavily considers tracking down information on whether the Silver Armada and the Silver Isles even still exist. And if they do, he heavily considers reforming the organization and purifying it of the corruption and arrogance that ultimately lead to his current situation.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Bleakwing is an extremely athletic individual. His natural feathers and scales have grown tough, both from decades of war and the experiments he were subjected to. He's well-educated in a number of subjects, including military tactics and equipment, medical techniques and demonology. He's trained in fighting a number of different species beyond his own, including humans, dragons, demons, kobolds and minotaurs, as well as having hunted a wide array of animals. He's keen-eyed and a skilled survivor, especially in flatlands, cities or watery areas. He's trained in using his entire body as a weapon and is a deadly combatant.   His injuries do make him rather inelegant. His forthright way of thinking makes him a poor liar and he puts little stock in higher powers. His directness also makes him ill-suited for subterfuge.

Likes & Dislikes

As a very social being, Bleakwing was very fond of his soldiers, his friends and his family and greatly misses all of them. Coming from a water heavy planet, he enjoys swimming and fishing, sometimes at the same time. He prefers nighttime, where he can gaze upon the stars. His preferred diet is a mixture of fish and worms.   He dislikes abusive authorities and especially his former commanders who betrayed him. He dislikes dry areas, so ending up being stationed on a planet with loads of deserts struck him as annoying. His traumas have given him a distaste for hospitals, laboratories and their like. He's not fond of pork.

Virtues & Personality perks

Bleakwing is dedicated to the well-being of anyone under his command. He's very selfless, willing to sacrifice his own interests and well-being to protect those he cares about. He's courageous and does not flinch in the face of even great danger.

Vices & Personality flaws

Bleakwing is stubborn and will stick to his guns far beyond what others would call reasonable. His dedication can also make him too self-sacrificing, sometimes foregoing long-term planning for short-term benefits. The traumas he's suffered has also caused him to develop issues controling his anger, which when released allows an otherwise uncharacteristic sadism to flourish.

Personality Quirks

Scratches at the ground with his talons when annoyed. His tail feathers tend to fan when he's flustered or aroused. Makes a very audible purring noise when relaxed or happy.


Bleakwing enjoys staying clean and presentable. He preens himself regularly and bathes often if able. He sees both as great social activities.


Social Aptitude

Bleakwing has a straighforward and honest way of speaking. Much like his tactics, he's direct and forceful, yet caring. He has a commanding presence that is hard to ignore and even before his alterations was capable of intimidating all but the most stalwart souls.

Hobbies & Pets

Fishes and cooks as a hobby, though is still kinda new to the latter. Enjoys group dancing and general exercise.


While direct, Bleakwing has a very formal way of talking, someone would say it's even a bit pompous. He tends to avoid curse words unless angry.

Wealth & Financial state

Bleakwing was well-paid, but never stingy, often using his money to reward his troops with pay bonuses or by buying extra things for them. Whatever assets he himself had left were lost when he was confined to the laboratory that would become part of the Toxic Zone.
Current Status
Currently isolated in the Toxic Zone
Honorary & Occupational Titles
General: Official rank within the Silver Armada.
Year of Birth
128 AW 189 Years old
Hookbay, Silver Isles
Current Residence
Toxic Zone
Bleakwing presents as male
Dark red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark red, pink feathers, with silvery highlight on wings and rear that resembles skulls
8.7 meters
11.3 tons
Known Languages
Raft: As a common language among avian races, Bleakwing has long ago mastered it.   Tong: Bleakwing has begun learning this language, mostly from books or similar he's found in the posession of those who've dared to brave the Toxic Zone and succumbed to its poisonous air.


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