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Astirrah High School's Principal

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Janine Peta (ASH Principal)

Praymonth the 36th, Year 52 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle   Janine Peta is the School Principal of Astirrah High School in the outer suburbs of Mid City. Even though the suburb is not high on the social ladder, the school grounds are looked after as if they were.


Janine Peta is a Human female on the shorter side. She has streaks of grey between her dark brown hair. She has glasses for reading, keeping them on her with a neckalce-chain around her neck.
  I haven't really talked to many Humans before. Or, at least, not many have kept my attention for so long. Mrs Peta has. She seems nice enough, and it didn't feel odd talking to her. But I don't think she'd like it if I rearranged her bookshelves. She was fun enough that I didn't have to though.

Interview Section

Mimi: Eh? Is it on? I hope it's on, I'm not gone nah do this again.
Mimi: I'm not going to do this again.
Mrs Peta: I'm sure it's fine Chatswood there does seem to be a light on.
Mimi: You're wrapped. So what's your name age and personal history.
Mrs Peta: I am Mrs Janine peter and I am the principal of estera high school I have been the principal since my father handed Middle School and have been teaching and running the school a longer time than you look aged.
Mimi: Oh really how old do I look?
Mrs Peta: fu fu well add say you look about 20
Mimi: You are old freak Human Than
Mrs Peta: Haha I suppose you could say that. Is your age something you discuss with others.
Mimi: Humm other than work I don't think anyone has asked me. But, With that be like asking water how old it is? Like the fountain out front how long have you had that?
Mrs Peta: Oh the fountain was something my father had always wanted but was unable to get during his time here. Therefore I decided to make the fountain in the centre of the scores courtyard.
Mimi: Does that mean you didn't want it.
Mrs Peta: That just means he was the first wanted
Mimi: So do you want it?
Mrs Peta: I have it and my students have it.
Mimi: Who's your favourite student
Mrs Peta: I don't have a favourite student I do however have a favourite attitude.
Mimi: Is your favourite student the one with your favourite attitude?
Mrs Peta: Maybe for that moment but is there anyone who keeps the same attitude at all times we want the progress towards that attitude.
Mimi: Progress? That's what my supervisor talks about.
Mrs Peta: Well they are in a way some sort of teacher or mental to you so they do look forward to seeing you progress well. Such as when you see a blossom Bloom. That's progress that someone is looking forward to.
Mimi: I guess.
Mrs Peta: What are you looking forward to? 


One way to judge a school's management is by the management of their food. The cafeteria backs onto the school kitchens, so dinners and full takeaway meals are much loved options at the end of school year festivals (note: I must come back here for this).
  There are set prices for snacks and lunch orders, but the Principal says that for kids who are struggling, they arrange a different set up for them, arranged at the pre-entry interviews (or after an interview later, if circumstances change or the guardians and students decide to trust the school when they previously didn't). The set up might be a payment plan, or that the student comes in early and helps make breakfast (or cleans up after breakfast) for the staff. They also get to help eat the breakfast.
  They have a lot of healthy snacks. Like, the crisps are made from different vegetables (not just potato), and there's a lot of frozen fruit. The sandwiches have more meat and salad than bread. They have a bunch of different nut bars and other nutrient bars. They care about allergies too, with certain bench spaces (and set of cookware) in the kitchen that cannot touch certain allergens. That sounds hard. 

Concluding Remarks

Mrs Janine Peta is the school principal of Astirrah High School. She keeps her school looking pretty, regardless of what the surrounding area looks like. She likes her students eating enough food.  
Don't just paste the whole transcript. Edit out your weird noises, at least!
But you did it for me?
No! I just put it through an app to get the transcript, and then added each of your names to where you spoke.
Sounds good enough for me. 

Supervisor Feedback

Although you were tasked to report on Ataalah High School's principle, the report itself wasn't too bad. More on the character of the Principal, how she interacts with the teachers at the school (or the process in hiring them), and the rest o fhte school's management (not just the cafeteria). I appreciate you listening to my ask of three sentences for the conclusion. It be better if they were not so short, however, improvement is improvement.
Editing your interview's transcript would be wise - at least the wrong word choices and grammar. As it is part of your observational log, you are not required to delete any section.
  Council Notes
Add ASH (Astirrah) principle to the list of candidates to run the All-Races Classroom.
Jazzach is fine. Send Mimi away from The Point for a while though. Keep Taegrin on Mimi, suggestion to drop hints about the parallels of Reagan and Hoen to him and Mimi.


Author's Notes

The images of Mimi and Taegrin's faces were created using Artbreeder.

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