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Ieh' , sela

Ieh' was the third successor of Iradae the Lawgiver, after Ukhyhue and Stowua. Artifacts in her clan's museum include a deka of hers with an intricate red pattern, making it very likely that she was the first leader to have Red-Green Vision.   She has carried on Stowua's patronage of the sciences, and the tradition that was swiftly becoming the Leadership Challenge, but she is most known for presiding over the first repair project on the Twin Pillars.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ieh' was born just before the start of the Battle with the Stone Menace, and it dominates many of her earliest memories. She developed an attachment to storytellers and others passing on the traditions of her clan from before the battle commenced. She had also seen the confusing, sometimes heated debates that arose following the Unification of Clans with regard to tradition and clan autonomy, and took great interest in the debates from there. Ukhyhue's careful balancing act between each clan's traditions and the goal of a unified Stenza entity (at least militarily), and Stowua's diversion of pent-up energy toward scientific advancement in all areas inspired Ieh' herself to get involved.   Although the rules for the Leadership Challenge had yet to calcify, to the point where there was still debate whether it should be done at all, Ieh' also agreed to the ordeal, continuing the precedent set by Stowua and, at least in her mind, carrying on the customs of her ancestors from before the Battle with the Stone Menace. Upon her success, she inherited a Unified Stenza Clans developing more modern scientific and artistic institutions, which she also did her best to foster.   However the defining moment of her tenure was a freak weather event that swept through the basin, damaging The Twin Pillars as it passed. Ieh' oversaw both its repairs and the construction of a special shielding device for the stone monument (an idea which would expand with time to the concept of settlement shields).   Following the ascension of her own successor, Ieh' involved herself in the still-ongoing work of cultural preservation amongst her own clan and the Wide Pass Stenza more broadly.
Aligned Organization


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