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Red-Green Vision

A rare non-deleterious mutation causing some Stenza to be born with a limited ability to perceive colors beyond blue and yellow. Lacking the social context for these colors, they struggle to communicate what they are seeing, sometimes resorting to inventing new words. Individuals with this condition also suffer a related decrease in night vision.


Commonly caused by one or more mutations in genes responsible for eye development and rod/cone function.


The symptom for which the condition is named is the ability to perceive a limited range of color outside of the intensely articulated blue and yellow common to Stenza. This first manifests in pups as young as one day old but can be detected sooner through genetic screening. Pups may display this characteristic by reacting strangely to 'Alashaia or greenery they come across. However, as another symptom is decreased night vision, this may manifest as higher rate of injury due to running around in darkened conditions, or frequently getting lost.


This condition could be genetically modified out of an individual, but following the Stenza's long history of fighting each other over any and every small difference (including, yes, the civil war over who saw which color), have eliminated most of the need to do so.


An individual with this condition is likely to live a long, full life, even if they aren't the greatest hunter or survivalist. In the modern age, many become researchers of other planets, take up botany, etc. (Some past leaders were rumored to have this condition, so it is clearly no impediment to high social standing.)


The mutation which causes this disorder can appear randomly within an individual. However, it is known that individuals with the condition are more likely to have children with the condition than individuals without. This tends to lead to a higher propensity of instances among certain clans, although even then, the condition is still quite rare.


Biological studies of the remains of Proto-Stenza suggest that they, too, may have suffered from the condition, marking it as millions of years old.   Among Stenza, the earliest sufferers from this condition were met with a wide variety of reactions, regarded as having a form of "second sight" and sometimes regarded with suspicion. Pups who reacted strangely to plant life, including 'Alashaia fruits, were watched intently, and as such individuals grew older they were forced to invent words to describe what they were seeing. Over time, individuals with the condition began to communicate with each other; they standardized terms fairly early on (although this terminology saw only limited use outside of the subculture) and began adopting specific dye colors in their dress to indicate to themselves and others. Both of these practices are still in use.   The term "red-green vision" is a result of the study of Earth languages by the Earth Fandom, which replaced older names for the condition used by the medical and scientific communities and is still in use today.   Ieh' is widely thought to have lived with the condition.

Cultural Reception

The initial reception of suspicion and wariness has mellowed over the years as more was learned about the condition, and now it is regarded much more neutrally.
Chronic, Congenital
Affected Species

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