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The Twin Pillars


The Twin Pillars represent the codified laws and rules of the Stenza people, as set forth by Iradae himself in order to ensure continued harmony between the clans. Each and every rule he set forth was carved on them, and sorted by topic or nature of the dispute each is intended to address.

Document Structure

Publication Status

The Pillars are visible to everyone in Strares, and their text can be read by everyone who can read the language. In fact, it is encouraged to learn these principles in order to become a Stenza citizen.

Legal status

This is the highest law in the Nine Systems, and recognized by all Stenza. However, there is some debate over whether non-Stenza individuals (such as Ta'zhen ) are subject to it, and what this might mean for non-Stenza subjects of the realm, for example Albarians and Muxterans, or Ilin. This ambiguity has been used to sow discord, ferment rebellion over the years, or allow crime to go on unchecked.

Historical Details


The Twin Pillars were established just after Iradae the Lawgiver united each of the Stenza clans and established himself as the first Leader . He wanted to ensure that this peace lasted and the clans did not devolve into war again, so he pulled together the common customs and traditions of each of them, distilled this information down, and literally set it in stone for future generations.


The Twin Pillars were first carved and raised in the year 2, under the leadership of Iradae the Lawgiver, while other debates about broader cultural issues raged on. Carving continued for several more years, before concluding a year or so into Ukhyhue's leadership. Before the development of settlement shields, the Pillars required storage underground every Migration season in order to protect them from the harsh winters, and they still suffered wear and tear from less severe environmental conditions, necessitating regular restoration efforts.   Over time, the Pillars became a central element of a collective Stenza identity, alongside cross-clan marriage and blood sibling bonds. They are looked to and interpreted in a wide variety of contexts due to the thoroughness of the rules listed, including the use of space travel for various means and the recent controversy over Ta'zhen's citizenship.

Public Reaction

The actual contents of the laws were subject to incredible amounts of debate at first, among ranking officers and the general public. Many subjects were divisive issues, as most clans were used to their own ways of handling disputes. Iradae tried to give them as much leeway as possible while still emphasizing the principles of unification that he had been striving for.


While most Stenza agree on the contents now, certain rules have been debated again with the arrival of Ta'zhen into Stenza society. Most of these debates, however, are centered on possible threats to the integrity of the laws therein, as the Pillars are seen as, metaphorically, holding up society. They are looked on now as Iradae's greatest achievement.


The Pillars have been in effect for 2497 years and counting.
Text, Legislative
Authoring Date
First Sunrise, Year 2
Ratification Date
47 First Sunrise, Year 2
Signatories (Characters)
Signatories (Organizations)

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Nov 16, 2021 23:53 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love the idea of all the laws being literally written in stone but that they are still a subject for debate.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Nov 17, 2021 05:00

I got the idea from Hammurabi tbh. And they do make a good reference and comparison point for otherwise novel situations.