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Stowua , sela

Stowua was the second successor of Iradae the Lawgiver, after Ukhyhue. Stowua was the first person to undergo an ordeal in order to prove herself worthy of the position, returning from the Frozen Wastes with the beak of a great sea creature (the only known proof of the existence of a species known primarily in Sandibari lore as a four-limbed sea monster which periodically snatches birds, including the Mudeweian Kingfisher, out of the sky).

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Stowua was an adolescent during the Battle with the Stone Menace, and came of age shortly after the invention of stasis. During Iradae the Lawgiver's tenure as Leader she became heavily involved in the debates; to the shock of many she came down on the side of fostering a unified Stenza identity above all else, believing it would foster a lasting peace.   Her position became more nuanced by the time Ukhyhue ascended to Leader, to the point where she would eventually volunteer to undertake an ordeal--based off of much more ancient coming of age rituals practiced by individual clans--to prove her mettle for the position. She was the only candidate to suggest the idea, and set a precedent that lasted for twenty-five centuries. After months in the Frozen Wastes she returned with the beak of a large aquatic animal known chiefly in Sandibari oral lore as an elusive creature that is capable of snatching birds out of the skies for food. (The specimen is now the property of the Protectors of Life, jointly with Stowua's clan, and genetic samples are archived in the Database of Life on Mudewei. Additional specimens have been sighted, but not yet catalogued.)   Her success at the first Leadership Challenge prefaced a tenure focused on the more peaceful pursuit of scientific exploration and study. Many species were catalogued into a collection that would eventually become the Database of Life on Mudewei, including Iradae's Flower, 'Alashaia and others previously known, as well as a host of new discoveries. Furthermore, refinements were made to rocket propulsion to allow more efficient transport between the surface of Mudewei and the Artificial Moon, allowing the Artificial Moon to begin to grow into a scientific outpost as well as a prison for the Stone Menace, although nothing new has been learned about the creature then or since.   Following Ieh''s successful completion of the Leadership Challenge, Stowua remained involved in politics and eventually became her clan's Droghi.
Aligned Organization


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