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Lineos Parmes

Lineos Parmes (Born 35 BU, deceased 32 AU) was the king of Erres, and later Erwy, famed for his contributions to resolving the Unification War.   Lineos Parmes was the firstborn son of Micael Parmes, fifteenth king of Erres. He bore most of the signature family trits, such as black eyes, light blonde hair and a short, pointed nose. As such, he was brought up as the prince-successor to the throne, granting him excellent education and training. From his youngest years, Lineos was attracted the most to horse riding and fencing, largely neglecting his University teachers.   The role of Erres king was not extremely hard due to the geopolitical structure of the country. While it covers half of the continent, it is made of mostly self-governing provinces. The king's central province is simply the largest and the most wealthy, making it a hub for meetings and disputes whenever an outside arbitrator is needed. It is in the king's power to judicate territories, taxes and punishments for criminals whenever someone decided the matter should be brought to his attention or in cases of crimes impacting the crown's province itself. Those responsibilities are further dampened by an army of advisors ready to take on anything that would unnecessarily take up the king's time.   As such, Lineos was not involved in court politics until he was twenty, already engaged to his future bride, Ellena Wistel and awaiting his first child. As his father passed away, the prince intended to take his new responsibilities seriously, only to discover that he might just as well not be present at most of the court sessions. He made attempts to increase the purview of the king's rights and responsibilities, but before his reforms could be debated upon, the war with their eastern neighbor, Wyeh, broke out.   The war was the most formative period for Lineos, as it was for the whole continent. He remained on the frontlines despite lukewarm support from Erres nobility, fighting to prevent more provinces from being overtaken by the aggressor. He survived an assassination attempt, when one of his servants, bribed, tried to stab him in his sleep. A long scar on the side of his neck served as a reminder, which he often chose to purposefully exhibit while choosing his clothes and hairstyle. After employing the help of the Voice and assassination tactics, he tired out his opponent until peace talks could be reached and Unification was achieved.   After the war, Lineos spent most of his time in the capital of Erwy, resolving the issues emergent from Unification for almost two decades. In 25 AU, he retired and relinquished the crown to his son, Daren, before retiring to the countryside and passing away in 32 AU. Lineos Parmes is seen as a hero, and for a good reason. He elavated the status of the king from a figurehead back to what it once meant: a leader. His statues, as well as streets and monuments named after him are common in major Dain cities, to the point of a small cult developing among those praying for conflict resolution.


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